Too Much Instagram

It’s a month later since my last posting about Instagram and according to my phone I have been a user on Instagram for 13 weeks and I have put up 131 pictures so far. But there are some that I couldn’t be bothered to add to Instagram (because I fear people will think I am an Instagram Addict, which I have become to be! – That’s right, I am a self-confessed Instagram Addict!), so I will show it here instead… Again I have used PhotoScape to combine the pictures.

Pictures of London

Pictures of Food

Pictures of Burgess Park

Pictures of some of my neighbourhood flowers and crops

 Pictures of miscellaneous objects

I was searching on the Internet the other day to see if there are any other addicts out there, and I came across this link
I think this defines me at the moment, except I don’t take to the trouble of having to sit on the floor and have grass-stained bottoms. ^^

I also looked to see on the Internet if there was a word called “photoholic” – *GASP*. There is such a word!! Hah!

p.s. My thumbs and index fingers are aching from taking so many pictures!

PhotoScape Website:

p.p.s. I get more LIKES on Instagram than I do on any other social networking site~~~ That’s why I love Instagram because there are other people out there who like / love photography just like me ^^

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