‘M’ Powered Advert

Yay! I finished my OU exam this morning. I am so overjoyed…!! It’s time for a very stiff drink. Bring on the whiskey and coke. ^^

And so after the exam what did I spot…?

‘m’ powered advert

This has to be one of the most awful advertising schemes I have seen… I know that the mustache milk adverts have been out for a long time, but for me it just doesn’t work. I’m not even sure if kids really like this advert. Does it really inspire them to drink milk, or does it make them waste milk by just making a mustache?

To me a milk advert is pouring it into tea, coffee and cereal… or drinking it whilst eating cheese and onion crisps 😀 but I guess this is all old style. Milk is a source of calcium, vitamins, minerals etc., etc… and I assume that’s what this advert is trying to get at… Drinking milk keeps you healthy. 

Unfortunately for me, the advert doesn’t appeal to me… There’s a possibility that it causes rheumatism and arthritis, so I think drinking too much of it is also not good. 😦

Kids – drink milk, but please encourage adults like us to create better adverts for you in the future. 😛

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