Dublin – Day 2 (Part 1)

After a long walk back to the hostel from the night before and a noisy sleepless night, Miss Pinky and I woke up but didn’t leave the hostel until after 10.30 am… Well the first thing we did was eat breakfast at Christophes, which is next door to the James Distillery… A pretty expensive breakfast it was between €7 – €8 each which included our hot drinks…
Entrance of Cafe Christophes is actually around the corner
– as if you going towards James Distillery

Miss Pinky’s brekkie

My sausage sandwich

We left around 11 am after that and we started walking around. Usually Miss Pinky is great at geography when we’re on holiday, but I think she lost her sense of direction that morning. Well the map we had wasn’t great because it felt like we were south of the river on the map instead of on the north side… Miss Pinky decided to go in the wrong direction and we ended up at the National Museum of Ireland! Hahahahah…!! ^^

National Museum of Ireland

Nevermind Miss Pinky… Anyway, we turned around and walked back towards a bus stop we saw earlier on Day 1. We weren’t sure how far we were from the City Centre so we asked another local what bus to take and how long it would take… Well, I can’t remember the bus we took but I do remember how much a single fare cost – €1.40 per adult! Geek!! ^^ It actually wasn’t that far, we actually walked all the way there the night before… Heheheheh. So here’s just a few pictures I took along the way…

Bank of Ireland

Along Temple Bar Street

On Temple Bar Street

One of the High Streets

Heading towards the Leprechaun Museum

After walking for a bit we ended up at another pub and I had another pint of Guinness!! Woah… Guinnessholic much! ^^ The girl at the bar was very friendly too – she was helping us with our map!

T.P. Smiths Pub

Miss Pinky’s fairy for €5!

We finished drinking, and just before we entered into the Jervis Shopping Centre a fight between a man and a woman was going on in the middle of the street… Blimey, I don’t see this type of brawl very often… especially not in London!

Can you see the people fighting?? O_o

Some of the shops in the Jervis Shopping Centre

Jervis Shopping Centre

We went into Pennys afterwards (that’s Primark to all the people from the UK). It is Primark. ^^

Pennys = Primark

Wow. There’s a tall Spire in the middle of the high street!

The Spire… ^^”

Next we stopped at another pub (don’t be worried we are not alcoholics), this time I had a gin and tonic. Miss Pinky tried to get me to play card games like 21 (Blackjack) and another game… but we both gave up because I haven’t played card games for such a long time and Miss Pinky couldn’t remember some of the rules… Miss Pinky is also very competitive – she even tried to teach me backgammon but it got too heated with our stylus pens!! ¬_¬”

We went into Trinity College next… Miss Pinky overheard some Americans walking behind us that it was a place to experience… ¬_¬ so yep, we went to have a look for it too…

Trinity College

Into Trinity College! ^^


Nice display!

So six hours after eating breakfast, Miss Pinky was hungry and I knew I would be hungry within another half hour, so we walked for a bit more and found the Wax Museum…

The Wax Museum

Then Dublin Castle…

Dublin Castle

And before we went to eat we saw a guy and his massive husky dog. Another tourist / photographer was taking a lot of pictures of them so I took one too! ^_^”

The Geek takes a random shot! ^^

So hungry… To be continued

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