Dublin – Day 2 (Part 2) Quays Irish Restaurant/Bar and Temple Bar

Hmmm, a lot of choice on Temple Bar Street! Miss Pinky made me decide on what to eat this time. The only problem is, is that Miss Pinky is a very fussy eater and I wanted Irish stew. So on we walked, passed Temple Bar and then finally went into Quays Irish Restaurant (the bar is on the ground floor; the restaurant is on the first floor), which we saw earlier in the day and had live music in the bar next door.
Menu Cover

The top bar area

Some Irish sayings…

Hmm, nice wheels!

Miss Pinky told me to take this shot…

Knowing Miss Pinky so well with her eating habits I suggested that she keeps to eating starters only since she always gets full, and plus we were on a budget! (Plus she was wanted Nando’s ¬_¬ … that isn’t food you’re supposed to have whilst on holiday!). In the end she ordered spicy chicken wings and mussels cooked in a white wine sauce… Yummy! The sauce was bloody good!

Mussels ^^

Spicy Hot Wings – they are really spicy!!

I wanted a stew. So I got the Slow cooked beed and Guinness stew… When I saw it, I said to Miss Pinky that it was small… 😦 BUT actually it was very filling! Don’t trust its appearance as there was a lot of chunky beef in there. 😀

Slow Cooked Beef and Guinness Stew

So we finished eating. We paid the bill. We were waiting for a little while because we actually thought that they forgot to bring us our change… Well Miss Pinky was on a tight budget and needed all the coins remaining that she could get…! 😛

My geeky rating: 4.8/5

Finally we went back to the bar area where there was live music playing… Oooo… We missed the start of the guys who were playing! They sounded really cool… But sadly they finished, and we think a new lot were going on… We didn’t stay for long, so we went into the Temple Bar to see what it was like and to check out if there was any live music going on…
Quays Irish Restaurant / Bar

I like these singers ^_^

Audience in full dancing swing!

Once we got into the Temple Bar it already looked fully packed! The singers were just starting up (one Scottish and one Irish), and so we were there just in time for the new lot to come on! Miss Pinky and I got closer and closer to the singers because we couldn’t hear one of the guys singing (the Scottish one) – and I really couldn’t hear the words he was singing! 

Outside Temple Bar

Miss Pinky took this pic of the singers…

The singers were interacting with the audience in between songs… and he was asking where people were from… There were a bunch of people from Amsterdam, the USA and so on so forth… Uh, then at one point, Miss Pinky shouted out “how about London, we’re from London… Hellooo, London” … oh god, hide me please ¬_¬”” really just hide me… I think the guy sitting next to Miss Pinky thought she was amusing, because he started joining in, hahahahah… Oh please hide me!!! But eventually Miss Pinky and the guy sitting next to her who is from Ottawa, Canada starting chatting… I wasn’t paying much attention to them as I was trying to Instagram and listen to the beautiful voice of the Irish singer…(that Clover butter song is in my head now) 😀 Miss Pinky nudged me a few times because she didn’t understand him… The guy was delivering abalone (a type of shellfish which is popular in Hong Kong – Miss Pinky didn’t know what that was) to some person in Dublin and had traveled from somewhere that was 2 hours away. He then baffled her with the word ‘discombobulated’, which I didn’t know either (it’s an American / Canadian term meaning ‘confused’ – North Americans please DO NOT use this word in front of English speaking Europeans. We don’t like being discombobulated!!!). Well, the guy is a Meteorologist-scientific programmer of some sort, and a geek like me can understand scientific minds, but not Miss Pinky… Hahahahah. It was like watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon would just confuse Penny!! 😀 The Canadian eventually left because he had to catch his 2-hour bus ride home…

Sitting next to the Canadian was another guy who’s from Munich, Germany and an Insurance Broker working in a small bank in Germany… He was also on holiday like us and had become a friend to the Canadian too. He was also staying at the same hostel as us but was leaving the next day. He told us he was staying with 7 other guys – one with a broken nose, one who snores and other strange men… Hahahahaha. I think Miss Pinky and I were very lucky that there were no other girls staying with us!!

After listening to a few more songs (we were there for 2.5 hours – Miss Pinky said to me the next day that she has never seen me so relaxed and bopping up and down with music… well I like live music!), we left to go back to the hostel. Bought some snacks and drinks to have in our room… And a guy outside the hostel started playing his violin / fiddle as we entered the hostel… 😀

The fiddler ^^

What happened on Day 3…? Stay tuned ^^

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