Dublin – Day 4 The Worse Journey Home

Monday 22nd October – Our final day in Dublin!!

Miss Pinky and I woke up on time and left the hostel before 10am… We saw the Norwegians who were drinking the night before, and they looked hangover! ^^ As we were early we walked all the way into the city centre, and at one point I spotted this lovely piece of streetart!

‘Labelz are for jars not for people’. I like that phrase. It seems whoever designed this was labeled as something that he / she did not like. I don’t blame them!
‘Labelz are for jars not for people’

Trying to find breakfast wasn’t hard, but we went along Temple Bar Street to see what was to offer and remembering that we were on a budget… We ended up in a newsagents / cafe (can’t remember the name of it, but it’s near Quays Bar). It was an awful breakfast for €5. The baked beans were sweet. The toast was tough. Bacon looked burnt. Mushrooms looked like mush… The only good stuff were the half-warm scrambled eggs and the sausages… It’s probably my first worse breakfast in decades!! So my geeky rating is 1 out of 5 (1/5).
Horrible breakfast!! >.<
So, straight after breakfast we went to the bus stop to the airport. There was an airlink coach we could have taken, but Miss Pinky spotted a local bus (no. 16) that goes directly to the airport (well done Miss Pinky). It was cheaper to use but took longer to get there (about 45 minutes to an hour) compared to the airlink coach…

Once we got to the airport, it was a little difficult finding departures but we got there in the end. We queued. But once we got to the desk, they said OUR FLIGHT IS CANCELLED! What is going on? The lady at the desk didn’t tell us… I only found out from a friend online that London was full of fog and that flights were being delayed or cancelled… WHAT?! This all angered me… but it fizzled out quite quickly, although Miss Pinky’s anger seemed to have flared up because the airline didn’t say anything and didn’t like the fact that we were sitting ducks waiting for a flight to appear…

A new flight suddenly appeared. Unfortunately there was going to be a delay – about an hours delay from our original flight… So we went pass security (which was frigging long), they even have the cheek of getting you to pay for plastic bags for your liquids… what kind of airport is this? … Well, duty free didn’t help either… they were doing offers on whiskeys, 2 for €22. The only problem was, was that you had to pay a certain amount of VAT on top! That’s a cheeky marketing scheme, and shouldn’t be allowed at airports… And so it was time for me to have a whiskey and pepsi (no coke available)…
Whiskey and Pepsi at Dublin Airport
Well, an hour had passed by. Miss Pinky was on her laptop looking at her work emails and I was bored, so I went to the loo and took some pictures of the airfield…
Dublin Airport

The Airfield
Our two hours of waiting were up, but we were again delayed with getting onto the craft. Once we got onto the plane the captain then explained that there was a possibility that we will be grounded on the aircraft for either 15 minutes or 55 minutes before flying… OMG, this return flight wasn’t going well… 😦 But we left in 15 minutes. Miss Pinky felt sorry for the people who were connecting flights from London… that was a shame…

Finally we arrived at Heathrow, and I think we were in Terminal 3 instead of Terminal 1… I thought we were supposed to go through passport control, but that never happened (when did that change?)!! Instead we ended up at the luggage area… It was a long wait. A very long wait. All the passengers were not happy. We were all an hour and a half behind schedule as well… Not flying with BA for another decade! My BA experiences is always a bad one. Other flying experiences always seem to be a good one! 
Where’s our luggage?
It was time to go home. It was a long trip via the Tube and I had to work the next morning… (I almost fell asleep in my Tuesday meeting… -_-zzzzz)

Next holiday = April 2013. Watch out for more holiday adventures with Miss Pinky! I must remember to buy myself a tablet or bring my netbook with me in case I get bored when Miss Pinky decides not to do anything too!! ^^

p.s. Sorry Mrs Hen, I bought you these shamrock chocolates (it was 3 boxes for €10) and I started eating one of the boxes… So no present for you I guess ¬_¬”””.
Shamrock chocolates – yummy!!! ^_^
Top tips for going to Dublin:
– Bring enough spending money (I would say €100 per day – depending on your eating and drinking habits)
– Take the local buses
– Walk to the city centre
– Observe some of the streetart
– Go to a pub with live music!!
– And ENJOY! ^^