Burger and Lobster – London Dean Street

I know Burger and Lobster has been blogged about all the time but this is my very first time eating lobster in a restaurant. And it is a messy job I tell you. Messy. However, it was enjoyable doing this in public!

This time I went with an old uni friend who is now a colleague at the place I work. I’m calling her Miss Posh, because she really can be posh at times!

So we left work on time and took the bus, it took us an hour to get there, and luckily we BEAT the queues! Miss Posh told me that you can’t really book tables unless you are in a big group. Plus queuing time can be up to an hour and half (or longer maybe). So as soon as we entered we got seated straight away. Happy Geek gives a thumbs up!! (^_^)b

Outside Burger and Lobster

Burger and Lobster Kitchen

My bib ^^ (I ate like a baby!)

Miss Posh ordered water (and I had a beer)

Right, so there’s ONLY 3 options all served with chips and salad:
1. 10 oz burger
2. Lobster roll (meat is cold)
3. Grilled / Steamed lobster

Miss Posh and I both chose the grilled lobster, but I had butter oil served with mine. Also another small bucket of chips was ordered (but I’m not supposed to  talk about that ¬_¬”). Here’s our food…


My chargrilled lobster

I felt like my lobster was smaller than Miss Posh’s! 😦 It looked as if she had more meat, a little disappointed but the meat was amazing!! It was a little tough, very fresh as I couldn’t taste that unpleasant fishy taste, (in Cantonese we call it 鮮味 sin mei). It was also chewy and easy to swallow… Ah, it melted in my mouth… YUM!! You could also taste the chargrill flavour…!

They also provide you with a nut cracker plus a metal pick, and I was so proud of myself in my last attempt to pick out the meat from the claws! 😀

So proud! ^^

I thought the salad was GREAT!! It was lightly topped with cheese and had a vinegar dressing. I loved it because the rocket used gave that spicy and bitter kick. ^^

The chips are actually French fries. Miss Posh and I asked for no salt to be added (too much salt is not good for your blood pressure!). They were ok. I could’ve had more. ^^

The only disappointing thing was that my food went cold so quickly because I was trying claw out the meat from the legs… I will be quick next time!!

Here’s our finished product!

Our finished plates

Close up of my plate, I hardly touched the butter oil

Total came to £55.97 with drinks and the extra bucket of chips. ^^

If I go there again, I’m going to try out the 10 oz burger or the lobster roll!!

My geeky rating: 5/5 (a very generous score for efficient service but would’ve given 4.5 for the lobster going cold so quickly and I bet I had a smaller lobster. I want a king lobster!! ^^)

Good points:

– Seated quickly (as we beat the queue)
– Tasty, fresh lobster
– Not much choice of food so easy to pick from 
– Good, friendly service

Bad points:

– I bet my lobster was smaller than Miss Posh’s!! 😦

Address: 36 Dean Street, London W1D 4PS

Tel: 0207 432 4800

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The Yellow House – London Surrey Quays

A few hours later after the Scandinavian Christmas Fair, Miss Pinky, her friends, middle brother, Mr Fly (who I haven’t seen for a long time) and I went out to celebrate Miss Pinky’s birthday at The Yellow House in Surrey Quays. It’s just opposite the Surrey Quays Overground station. However Miss Pinky didn’t book a table at the restaurant part, so we had to wait… And I was starving… 😦 
Outside The Yellow House

Finally after about an hour and a half when everyone arrived, I already had a bowl of handcut chips and we were all drinking we were told our table was ready. Yipee…

And now I am going to turn into The Horrible Geek. I don’t want to, but I think I have to. Well first the bar and waiter were utterly nice, but I think were a bit forgetful at who ordered what (we got a few wrong orders being served at our table). I thought the chef was too over-excited to be a chef. (I am actually used to seeing head chefs who shout at their staff and will at least have a sweat on their foreheads! – My Dad used to be one!). 

Now on with the food. There were six of us. Miss Pinky was catching up with everyone, so we took a while ordering food.

The Starters

First off was my garlic and mozzarella bread. This had a really STRONG garlicky smell. (Miss Pinky told me the next day that it really stunk! Well that’s what you get with garlic bread!). Since it was so strong, and I could see the others glaring thinking “get that food away from me!”… so I offered around the table. Thankfully Mr Fly took two pieces, and one of Miss Pinky’s friends took a piece too! Phew! Never again! … I did like it by the way minus the smell. ^_^””
Garlic and Mozzarella

Not many of us had starters, but had starters as their main meal. Here’s another starter. Lamb Kofta. All the men at our table had this as their main and starter. They all said it wasn’t bad!

Lamb Kofta

The Mains (plus Starters as Mains ¬_¬”)

One of Miss Pinky’s friends had two starters as her main… But I didn’t catch the names of her dishes… I think this was a mixture of it all…
Don’t know what this is!

I had the Steak Halibut (I was actually wanting a beef steak but forgot that halibut was fish!!! Stupid me!!). Anyway, mine was not bad! I like the sauce, the mussels, the fish didn’t smell, and the mash went well with the sauce and fish. Happy Geek!

Steak Halibut

Miss Pinky had the Rib-Eyed steak… Hmmmm… It wasn’t good… Too much seasoning going on in there. Too much salt. The peppercorn sauce also looked like barbeque sauce with peppercorns added in… (I’m sure peppercorn sauce isn’t supposed to be that brown!!!!! I thought it was supposed to be creamy-gray looking).

Rib-eyed steak

Mr Fly had the Lamb… I didn’t try this out, but he said that it was too fatty… Cooked with too much oil I guess…


The Desserts and Coffees

I had the Pecan Brownie with Ice Cream. It was so-so. A bit sweet for my tastebuds. I also had a latte with mine. Not bad!
Pecan Brownie and Ice Cream

I like the way they made my latte!

My Fly and Miss Pinky shared the Dessert of the Day. The waiter was explaining what it was at the beginning, but I don’t think any of us got what he was saying…

Dessert of the Day

I swapped my dessert with the others. Theirs wasn’t too sweet and I liked the chocolate ice cream!

Finally Mr Fly had an Irish Coffee… Nice!
Irish Coffee!

Unfortunately after the dinner, my stomach didn’t do so well… And I hadn’t even eaten much during the day… 😦

My geeky rating: 2.5/5 (I would’ve given this place a 3.5 but after the bad stomach and overly-friendly chef, this lowered my scores) … it may have just been a bad day, but I would try this place again… Maybe…

Good points: 
– Nice staff
– Big restaurant area
– Pub area is ok

Bad points:
– Miss Pinky said there was no music!
– Overly-friendly chef
– The food points made above (too lazy to point this out all over again!)

– Change the recipe of the Rib-eyed steak
– Make a proper peppercorn sauce
– Put some music on!
– Put some table numbers on the tables so that the staff know who ordered what!

Address: 126 Lower Road, Surrey Quays, London SE16 2UE

Tel: 0207 231 8777

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Scandinavian Christmas Fair in London Rotherhithe

I received a comment on my previous post about the Rotherhithe Festival that there was going to be a Christmas Fair around the Rotherhithe area between 23rd to 25th November, and it was Miss Pinky’s birthday weekend, so we needed to have a meet up and have a look around.

Unfortunately it was raining on the Saturday. 😦 But we still had a look around… I didn’t realise it was a Scandinavian Christmas Fair (Norwegians, Swedish and Finnish)! I didn’t even realise Rotherhithe was an area of Scandinavian people… Interesting! 
Norwegian Christmas Fair in the church

Swedish stall


Ooo… Looks like origami!! ^^

Some naughty bottles… ^^

Cute husky!!

Time for some mulled wine!

Very sweet mulled wine

The Albion School stall

Loads of Christmas cards!

I also did not buy anything, but I had enjoyed looking at the Christmas atmosphere! We went into the Finnish centre which was a £1 entry and where there were loads of groceries, cards, Christmas decorations, carol singers and a cafe above! 

At the Finnish Centre

Christmas market opened on those days and at those times!

Loads of people!!!

Loads of suggested gifts 😀

They are big on Moomin!!

The Carol Singers and a puppy 😀

So many gift ideas!

Santa Claus tins of pate

Stationary!! My favourite section on the first floor!!!

More gifts

Nice Chrismas tree 😀

Loads of knitwear! They are big on knitwear…

We saw this person on stilts! Hope that person didn’t fall over!!

A person on stilts

Then Miss Pinky and I went into the church which was also a £1 entry… And there were loads of Christmas stuff there too!!

Cute Christmas gifts

They even dressed up for the event!

I wish English people could do the same thing. I remember when I was in primary school, my local school church held a Bazaar event, which is similar to a Christmas fair. I wonder if they still do it!

Anyway, hope to see more Christmas fairs in the future, English or not!!

More info about this event:

Jam Hsiao 簫敬騰 – World Tour Concert London 2012

I found about this concert a long time ago, but I didn’t book my ticket until the last minute because I didn’t know if Miss Pinky would have anything planned as it was her birthday on November 22nd… I waited, and waited, and waited for her to plan something. But I gave up as I knew she wanted a quiet birthday, so eventually on one Friday evening (3 weeks ago to be exact) I lost my will and bought a ticket (^_^)v and with all hope it was going to be a great concert.

I hadn’t heard of Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 (Xiao Jing Teng) until some time last year really. I think a relative of mine in HK is a fan of his and so I had a listen to see what he sounded like many months later…. Once I heard one of his songs I was soon addicted to his voice. My favourite song is Wild Dreams 狂想曲 from the Jam Wild Dreams album – can’t stop listening to it!

Now on with the concert!

I learnt my lesson from the Mayday concert earlier this year in March. This time, straight after work I did some food shopping, went home and ate something before heading out to the tube station… I knew where I was going this time round so I wasn’t too early or too late either!

When I arrived to the Wembley Arena, there were a lot of people there already, plus there was a long queue of people trying to get last minute tickets at the Box Office…
Outside Wembley Arena
Anyway, once I entered the Arena, there weren’t a lot of fans in their seats. And the back part of the Arena was closed off. I guess they wanted people to fill in the other seats before deciding whether to release tickets for the back part… (that’s called marketing strategy by the way…!!).
Inside Wembley Arena … Where’s the fans? It’s 7.10pm!

Ah!! Here’s all the fans! ^^

Well, just like the Mayday concert, it started late (by 20 minutes)… At least it wasn’t a two hour wait like Madonna’s concert. 😛 … Another lesson I learnt from my previous concert trip was to use a better camera so I brought along my Olympus camera but I should’ve brought my other lens!! Here’s loads of pictures… I tried to select the best ones for this blogpost because I took too many. ^_^

The concerts starting!! So where’s Jam Hsiao?

Aaaah! There he is!! The one in the red!!! ^^

The camera crew, the production crew, the people managing everything!!! 

Ooooo he has changed into a white suit…

Jam Hsiao joking about ^_^

Woah… Pretty!

Jam Hsiao showing his hand

Jam Hsiao is a drama king!! For real!!

He is so handsome 🙂


Nice pose!

More singing! 🙂

Red confetti!!

Mayday as guest speakers!!

I love this picture!! I must be a brilliant amateur photographer.
Give me a proper camera and I will take beautiful shots!

The sizzlers are out!

Jam Hsiao playing with the crowd again

I like this picture tooooooo!!!!!

Wow… Everyone is just joining in the fun!

The End 😦 Where was the encore…..?????????????

Everyone on their way out and heading home….
Apart from the late start and no encore I did enjoy Jam Hsiao’s piano playing, high kicks, cute giggles and fun jokes… plus his singing which gave me the goosebumps! Awwwww… I LOVE Jam Hsiao! 我愛你蕭敬騰! ^_^

Videos are being uploaded now (but it’s going to take hours!), so I will post them here later!

Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 come back soon with an encore!!!!

Update 10:52am
Here’s some videos… My shortclip ones were rubbish, so I have uploaded the longer better ones… The fourth one will be uploaded tomorrow! (By the way, I have slept… :D).

Video 1 – Jump

Video 2 – Mr Jazz: A Song For You and 好想對你說

Video 3 – 好想對你說 (the rest of the song)

Update 25/11/2012

Video 4 – Holmes (sorry for the bad quality… a couple of girls were waving their arms in front of me and someone walked right in front at the beginning 😛 !!).

多謝你哋睇我個blogpost!! ^^
謝謝你們看我的blogpost!! ^^

Honda Poster Advert

This is going to be a very, very short post… I really liked this Honda poster ad! It really caught my eye when I first saw it, so it was obvious that I would take a picture during one evening. (^_^)v
Has that futuristic effect ^^

I just can’t describe it. I think I have strange tastes in adverts… 

Brilliant stuff!

Update 26/11/2012

Saw this one on the weekend 😀

iPod Bus Advert

My poor red bus has been covered with a horrible iPod advert. As you can probably tell I don’t like i-anything! I am not an Apple fan as I keep telling all my friends and family. Expensive. Show offs. And not needed. (Sorry to my friends who use iPhones and to iPhone/iPad/iPod users who are reading this blogpost. Not ¬_¬). 

Typical anti-Apple talk! Hahahahah…

Apple. We don’t need to see a whole bus covered with an iPod advert. We already know it’s popular and I’m sure kids will be asking their parents for this at Christmas etc, etc.

Keep it simple Apple!

Carling Zest Poster Advert

As if London needs more binge drinkers!  I saw this advert on Monday and thought well, I am going to try this drink out at some point in the near future (probably this weekend)… 

But this advert for Carling Zest is just telling me to drink all night, like from 4pm, when the sun goes down. And well, it is a limited edition drink! …
Carling Zest Advert
I may do so (as in drink this after 4pm), but I don’t think I would want to drink this all night long either! (By the way, I do like the last line “Get a zest for Winter” (meaning ‘get a REST for Winter’ – well I hope it means that!). 

I’ve just realised that there’s so many alcoholic adverts out lately… It is just typical at this time of the year. 😛 

Are we becoming a nation of alcoholics?

International Christmas Ads 2012 (Part 1)

It’s almost Christmas!! And a lot of adverts are coming out now on TV and I also wanted to compare some international Christmas adverts with our own British ones. So first I used Google Translator to translate “Christmas advert” or “Christmas” in every possible language that it could translate… This is my first round and I will search for more soon. Here’s the first six ads I found…

Finland – The True Spirit of Christmas. Well, is this an ad to make any comments on? Not really. It shows the true Christmas spirit of the Finnish. So do you want to go to Finland for Christmas? I probably would.

Japan – Seven and I セブン&アイ X, (AKB48 in 7-Eleven). Heheh, my brother explained to me who this Japanese girl band are. AKB48 is a group of 48 Japanese girls who have been split up into 3 groups, A, K and B. This sounds so complicated to me! Well, back to the ad, and well, it’s 7-Eleven. They are still BIG in Asia. It’s such a shame they didn’t do so well in the UK. (I miss 7-Eleven). This is a pretty ad of 7-Eleven’s food and it shows that the Japanese can celebrate in style as well!! Better than M&S’s ad any day… 😛
Portugal – O Boticario. Hah!! This one made me laugh. Because I didn’t know who O Boticario is. I assumed this ad was going to be about a children’s toy store with the way the mother was asking her son questions about what Christmas gifts to buy for relatives… And in the end it was about perfume! Hahahahah. O Boticario by the way, is a pharmacy like Boots.

Slovakia –  Kozi Kuzi Kuzuka (Orange). I’m not sure how Orange Mobile fits into this story but if I didn’t see the Orange sign on the ad I would’ve thought this was going to be about food or another John Lewis type ad. But no, it was about connecting to the world with Orange. 😀 Quite a funny ad I thought, but I think this one could have at least featured a phone from the Orange range.

Malaysia / Singapore – Magical Moments Come to Life (IKEA). Finally an ad that makes sense. And I love it. No talking. Just music and fun using IKEA furniture. This is my favourite international ad so far!

And finally I found this!

Thailand – Thai Thai Christmas (IKEA). This is another Christmas advert that made me laugh! It’s another IKEA ad and it seems IKEA know how to advertise around the world EARLY! Credit must go to their worldwide marketing team. 😀 I love this ad but unlike the Malaysian / Singaporean version, this Thai version is a lighthearted and very festive ad. There are subs in this ad, so at least I knew what they were talking about. 

I’m hoping to find some more internation adverts in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out! ^_^

Check out my next post:

And the IKEA ones too!

An African Style "Surprise" Birthday Party

It was Miss Pinky’s Aunt’s 50th Birthday party yesterday. The party was supposed to be a surprise, but ended up not being a surprise… The aunt knows everything!! ¬_¬”” But before we went to the party, we prepared a lot of food… Well Miss Pinky and her mum prepared it all with jerk in the oven too, and then I was in charge of frying the plantain. (Note to Miss Pinky – I know how to fry things. Chinese people fry food all the time! Stop being so bossy!). Mrs Hen, my colleague and friend, fries plantain for me all the time, and so I know how it all goes. Mrs Hen always serves it with a spicy red peppery sauce for me. 😀
Fry, fry, fry that plantain!
The party started off really slowly (I was the only non-African person there!), and thankfully I have been to a few African style parties before (by the way, Miss Pinky is Black African and she doesn’t like really spicy food!). 
50th Party balloons

It’s a 50th birthday party!
And so I ate two plates of food… This is my first plate…
Fried chicken, jerk chicken, plantain and jollof fried rice
PLUS macaroni cheese at the bottom ~~~

By the time I finished eating my second plate (salad, more macaroni cheese and sandwiches), more food was coming out!! Oh my god, I have just filled my stomach, and now they’re bringing out more food! That’s African style partying for you… (Chinese people do the same but in Chinese style of course d’oh ¬_¬”).

I couldn’t eat anymore after my second plate, but managed to have 2 fruit style kebabs and a very, very spicy meat kebab!! Phew. That was really spicy! (I also ate a couple of cakes towards the end of the party 😀 )…
Fruit kebab

Spicy meat kebab… Some HOTT stuff!

So much food!! ^_^
It started getting late and it was time to go home, and Miss Pinky decided to take a few drinks and food back home (that is typical African behaviour – they do not like to waste food and drink!!)… Had to start running for the last train home too (so breathless, humph). 😦 
Waiting for the train home…
We finally got to London Bridge Station and then parted our ways both of us finding ourselves looking at drunken people and couples snogging each other at different bus-stops…! OMG. That’s a typical London night out for you. ^^””

Another birthday party next week (guess whose)… Let’s see how that one goes…

Argos Christmas TV Advert 2012

Carrying on with the Christmas TV adverts of 2012, here’s something from Argos – ‘I Can Shop From Here’. This ad has their favourite alien family showing off their new way of shopping online using the new Argos app which you can find here for Android phones, and here for iPhone users, and here for iPad users…
I must be a real geek to like this ad… ¬_¬”

It may be a yay or nay for some people, but I thought it was quite funny! Especially at the end when Alien Mother said “Where on Planet Earth are you?”. And then Alien Son (I assume that’s the son) replies that he bought some great nose clippers for Alien Mother’s aunt!! Hahahahahah. Totally geeked me out! (Meaning: ‘That totally excited me!’).

I wonder what international Christmas ads are like? Are they boring or funny? I will report back once I’ve found a few and have watched them. 😀

More information: