Nestle’s Rolo Biscuit

Gosh, what’s with all these chocolate products this year? Nestle (as well as Cadbury) are really showing a lot of initiative and they seem to be releasing different products every few weeks or months. 

This time Nestle have taken the initiative to releasing a Rolo Biscuit. The packaging is so long and I can’t even remember the introductory price of this. 
Gosh, so long! I had to crop this picture!!

There are six individual packets, here’s just 3 of them.

Here’s just 3 of the little packets

And when I opened it, there was a big flat Rolo inside. So any Rolo fans out there I think you’ll be happy with this!! They also claim that there’s only 95 calories per biscuit. 🙂

Big fat Rolo Biscuit!

There’s loads of caramel in this – this will not disappoint Rolo fans. And I think the chocolate is really, really sweet. But the only problem is I couldn’t taste much of the biscuit! I could hear myself crunching at the biscuit, but the chocolate and the caramel covered the taste of the miniature biscuits.

Loads of caramel, but not enough biscuit!

I think this is a really good idea, but for a Rolo Biscuit it is hardly a biscuit at all! There’s no biscuitiness in these chocolates. Nestle should’ve called it Rolo Crunch because there was only a crunch sound from the biscuit… ¬_¬””

Oh well, best of luck next time Nestle!

My geeky rating: 3/5

Good points: 
– Big and round Rolo
– Loads of caramel

Bad Points:
– Need to reconsider their packaging (2 rows instead of one long packet)
– Not enough biscuit
– Too sweet for my taste buds 

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