A One Time Wine Tasting Event

Many months ago I was asked by an ex-colleague and friend to attend this event, a wine tasting event for a charity, which was a one-time event… To be honest I wasn’t that keen at first. I’m not really a wine person (but can still drink it) as I really become disorientated and drunk… And if you had read my posts on Portugal, you’ll probably remember the time I drank a whole bottle of port by myself and got a bit tipsy. ¬_¬ Now that wasn’t a pretty sight. In the end I gave in and thankfully Miss Pinky said she’ll come along with me (she had wanted to go to a wine tasting event for a long time!). ^^

So I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t even know where the hotel was!! Luckily Miss Pinky and I met a couple of people on the streets of Blackheath who knew where the hotel was and we found it in the end!!
Sorry for the blurry picture… We were at the Clarendon Hotel in Blackheath

Once we got there not many people had arrived, so we had a drink beforehand, but the place filled up quite quickly!  ^^

My G&T and Miss Pinky’s Budweiser

We eventually got to our table for the wine tasting to start. Our table had a mixture of people and we had one particular funny guy at our table who works on a cruise ship! The wine tasting was about how we should taste wine plus it was more of a quiz night where we needed to guess what type of wines we were tasting. They gave us two different descriptions of the correct wine and the incorrect wine. Every person and table were very competitive and some of us were mostly guessing the wines! Heheheh. Our table got 2 out of 7 questions correct 😦 that’s baaad!!! And the table that won were full of lawyers 😛 (they got every question right!!)… Looks like they are the ones who know their wines. ^^

It’s just the start…

My first glass of wine ^^

Anyway, I had a fun night (I still think we had the funniest table)… The food was ok too…

Some of the food from the buffet

A Clarendon Hotel Napkin ¬_¬

The balloons at our table ^^ – sorry for blurriness! 

We had a raffle at the end for the charity, but I’m afraid no-one at our table won anything. 😛 

So, if anyone wants to try out a really nice sweet white wine try a Gavi wine… ^^ (I like sweet things). I forgot which one Miss Pinky liked… It was one of the red ones.

Might try out The Clarendon Hotel for some afternoon tea too… You could never know…

www.allaboutwine.co.uk – My friend organised the event with these guys

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