Argos Christmas TV Advert 2012

Carrying on with the Christmas TV adverts of 2012, here’s something from Argos – ‘I Can Shop From Here’. This ad has their favourite alien family showing off their new way of shopping online using the new Argos app which you can find here for Android phones, and here for iPhone users, and here for iPad users…
I must be a real geek to like this ad… ¬_¬”

It may be a yay or nay for some people, but I thought it was quite funny! Especially at the end when Alien Mother said “Where on Planet Earth are you?”. And then Alien Son (I assume that’s the son) replies that he bought some great nose clippers for Alien Mother’s aunt!! Hahahahahah. Totally geeked me out! (Meaning: ‘That totally excited me!’).

I wonder what international Christmas ads are like? Are they boring or funny? I will report back once I’ve found a few and have watched them. 😀

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