Carling Zest Poster Advert

As if London needs more binge drinkers!  I saw this advert on Monday and thought well, I am going to try this drink out at some point in the near future (probably this weekend)… 

But this advert for Carling Zest is just telling me to drink all night, like from 4pm, when the sun goes down. And well, it is a limited edition drink! …
Carling Zest Advert
I may do so (as in drink this after 4pm), but I don’t think I would want to drink this all night long either! (By the way, I do like the last line “Get a zest for Winter” (meaning ‘get a REST for Winter’ – well I hope it means that!). 

I’ve just realised that there’s so many alcoholic adverts out lately… It is just typical at this time of the year. 😛 

Are we becoming a nation of alcoholics?

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