Scandinavian Christmas Fair in London Rotherhithe

I received a comment on my previous post about the Rotherhithe Festival that there was going to be a Christmas Fair around the Rotherhithe area between 23rd to 25th November, and it was Miss Pinky’s birthday weekend, so we needed to have a meet up and have a look around.

Unfortunately it was raining on the Saturday. 😦 But we still had a look around… I didn’t realise it was a Scandinavian Christmas Fair (Norwegians, Swedish and Finnish)! I didn’t even realise Rotherhithe was an area of Scandinavian people… Interesting! 
Norwegian Christmas Fair in the church

Swedish stall


Ooo… Looks like origami!! ^^

Some naughty bottles… ^^

Cute husky!!

Time for some mulled wine!

Very sweet mulled wine

The Albion School stall

Loads of Christmas cards!

I also did not buy anything, but I had enjoyed looking at the Christmas atmosphere! We went into the Finnish centre which was a £1 entry and where there were loads of groceries, cards, Christmas decorations, carol singers and a cafe above! 

At the Finnish Centre

Christmas market opened on those days and at those times!

Loads of people!!!

Loads of suggested gifts 😀

They are big on Moomin!!

The Carol Singers and a puppy 😀

So many gift ideas!

Santa Claus tins of pate

Stationary!! My favourite section on the first floor!!!

More gifts

Nice Chrismas tree 😀

Loads of knitwear! They are big on knitwear…

We saw this person on stilts! Hope that person didn’t fall over!!

A person on stilts

Then Miss Pinky and I went into the church which was also a £1 entry… And there were loads of Christmas stuff there too!!

Cute Christmas gifts

They even dressed up for the event!

I wish English people could do the same thing. I remember when I was in primary school, my local school church held a Bazaar event, which is similar to a Christmas fair. I wonder if they still do it!

Anyway, hope to see more Christmas fairs in the future, English or not!!

More info about this event:

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