The Yellow House – London Surrey Quays

A few hours later after the Scandinavian Christmas Fair, Miss Pinky, her friends, middle brother, Mr Fly (who I haven’t seen for a long time) and I went out to celebrate Miss Pinky’s birthday at The Yellow House in Surrey Quays. It’s just opposite the Surrey Quays Overground station. However Miss Pinky didn’t book a table at the restaurant part, so we had to wait… And I was starving… 😦 
Outside The Yellow House

Finally after about an hour and a half when everyone arrived, I already had a bowl of handcut chips and we were all drinking we were told our table was ready. Yipee…

And now I am going to turn into The Horrible Geek. I don’t want to, but I think I have to. Well first the bar and waiter were utterly nice, but I think were a bit forgetful at who ordered what (we got a few wrong orders being served at our table). I thought the chef was too over-excited to be a chef. (I am actually used to seeing head chefs who shout at their staff and will at least have a sweat on their foreheads! – My Dad used to be one!). 

Now on with the food. There were six of us. Miss Pinky was catching up with everyone, so we took a while ordering food.

The Starters

First off was my garlic and mozzarella bread. This had a really STRONG garlicky smell. (Miss Pinky told me the next day that it really stunk! Well that’s what you get with garlic bread!). Since it was so strong, and I could see the others glaring thinking “get that food away from me!”… so I offered around the table. Thankfully Mr Fly took two pieces, and one of Miss Pinky’s friends took a piece too! Phew! Never again! … I did like it by the way minus the smell. ^_^””
Garlic and Mozzarella

Not many of us had starters, but had starters as their main meal. Here’s another starter. Lamb Kofta. All the men at our table had this as their main and starter. They all said it wasn’t bad!

Lamb Kofta

The Mains (plus Starters as Mains ¬_¬”)

One of Miss Pinky’s friends had two starters as her main… But I didn’t catch the names of her dishes… I think this was a mixture of it all…
Don’t know what this is!

I had the Steak Halibut (I was actually wanting a beef steak but forgot that halibut was fish!!! Stupid me!!). Anyway, mine was not bad! I like the sauce, the mussels, the fish didn’t smell, and the mash went well with the sauce and fish. Happy Geek!

Steak Halibut

Miss Pinky had the Rib-Eyed steak… Hmmmm… It wasn’t good… Too much seasoning going on in there. Too much salt. The peppercorn sauce also looked like barbeque sauce with peppercorns added in… (I’m sure peppercorn sauce isn’t supposed to be that brown!!!!! I thought it was supposed to be creamy-gray looking).

Rib-eyed steak

Mr Fly had the Lamb… I didn’t try this out, but he said that it was too fatty… Cooked with too much oil I guess…


The Desserts and Coffees

I had the Pecan Brownie with Ice Cream. It was so-so. A bit sweet for my tastebuds. I also had a latte with mine. Not bad!
Pecan Brownie and Ice Cream

I like the way they made my latte!

My Fly and Miss Pinky shared the Dessert of the Day. The waiter was explaining what it was at the beginning, but I don’t think any of us got what he was saying…

Dessert of the Day

I swapped my dessert with the others. Theirs wasn’t too sweet and I liked the chocolate ice cream!

Finally Mr Fly had an Irish Coffee… Nice!
Irish Coffee!

Unfortunately after the dinner, my stomach didn’t do so well… And I hadn’t even eaten much during the day… 😦

My geeky rating: 2.5/5 (I would’ve given this place a 3.5 but after the bad stomach and overly-friendly chef, this lowered my scores) … it may have just been a bad day, but I would try this place again… Maybe…

Good points: 
– Nice staff
– Big restaurant area
– Pub area is ok

Bad points:
– Miss Pinky said there was no music!
– Overly-friendly chef
– The food points made above (too lazy to point this out all over again!)

– Change the recipe of the Rib-eyed steak
– Make a proper peppercorn sauce
– Put some music on!
– Put some table numbers on the tables so that the staff know who ordered what!

Address: 126 Lower Road, Surrey Quays, London SE16 2UE

Tel: 0207 231 8777

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