Burger and Lobster – London Dean Street

I know Burger and Lobster has been blogged about all the time but this is my very first time eating lobster in a restaurant. And it is a messy job I tell you. Messy. However, it was enjoyable doing this in public!

This time I went with an old uni friend who is now a colleague at the place I work. I’m calling her Miss Posh, because she really can be posh at times!

So we left work on time and took the bus, it took us an hour to get there, and luckily we BEAT the queues! Miss Posh told me that you can’t really book tables unless you are in a big group. Plus queuing time can be up to an hour and half (or longer maybe). So as soon as we entered we got seated straight away. Happy Geek gives a thumbs up!! (^_^)b

Outside Burger and Lobster

Burger and Lobster Kitchen

My bib ^^ (I ate like a baby!)

Miss Posh ordered water (and I had a beer)

Right, so there’s ONLY 3 options all served with chips and salad:
1. 10 oz burger
2. Lobster roll (meat is cold)
3. Grilled / Steamed lobster

Miss Posh and I both chose the grilled lobster, but I had butter oil served with mine. Also another small bucket of chips was ordered (but I’m not supposed to  talk about that ¬_¬”). Here’s our food…


My chargrilled lobster

I felt like my lobster was smaller than Miss Posh’s! 😦 It looked as if she had more meat, a little disappointed but the meat was amazing!! It was a little tough, very fresh as I couldn’t taste that unpleasant fishy taste, (in Cantonese we call it 鮮味 sin mei). It was also chewy and easy to swallow… Ah, it melted in my mouth… YUM!! You could also taste the chargrill flavour…!

They also provide you with a nut cracker plus a metal pick, and I was so proud of myself in my last attempt to pick out the meat from the claws! 😀

So proud! ^^

I thought the salad was GREAT!! It was lightly topped with cheese and had a vinegar dressing. I loved it because the rocket used gave that spicy and bitter kick. ^^

The chips are actually French fries. Miss Posh and I asked for no salt to be added (too much salt is not good for your blood pressure!). They were ok. I could’ve had more. ^^

The only disappointing thing was that my food went cold so quickly because I was trying claw out the meat from the legs… I will be quick next time!!

Here’s our finished product!

Our finished plates

Close up of my plate, I hardly touched the butter oil

Total came to £55.97 with drinks and the extra bucket of chips. ^^

If I go there again, I’m going to try out the 10 oz burger or the lobster roll!!

My geeky rating: 5/5 (a very generous score for efficient service but would’ve given 4.5 for the lobster going cold so quickly and I bet I had a smaller lobster. I want a king lobster!! ^^)

Good points:

– Seated quickly (as we beat the queue)
– Tasty, fresh lobster
– Not much choice of food so easy to pick from 
– Good, friendly service

Bad points:

– I bet my lobster was smaller than Miss Posh’s!! 😦

Address: 36 Dean Street, London W1D 4PS

Tel: 0207 432 4800

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