Yum Cha at Golden Dragon 金龍軒 – London China Town

It’s been a long time since I’ve been out to China Town to ‘yum cha’ 飲茶 (this literally means ‘drink tea’). This type of Chinese dining happens between 6am and 5pm in Hong Kong… In London, it happens between 12pm and 5pm I guess… I actually went out today to take some pictures for another blogpost (which is coming soon) and two days ago Miss Pinky decided to come along, so she invited herself! Hah! ^_^ And in the end, we both ended up at Golden Dragon 金龍軒 (gam long hin) to eat lunch. We have been there before, but that was a very long time ago! And Miss Pinky doesn’t remember!

Don’t be surprised to find a wait at this place because everyone wants a cheap and cheerful place to eat! Plus people reading their newspapers after eating is normal… The older generation of Chinese people don’t rush like us youngsters!!
Outside Golden Dragon

On the first floor!!

So many people!! There were more people behind me!!
I had already eaten breakfast, so I wasn’t too hungry and had ordered 4 different dim sum. (Sorry for some of the fuzzy pictures!!). I was craving for ha cheung fun (prawn rice noodle rolls) and the wu gok (fried taro balls) for a long time!
Ha Cheung Fun 蝦腸粉 – Prawn Rice Noodle Rolls (was craving for this!)

Lo Mai Gai 糯米雞 – Mini Glutinous Rice Wraps

Siu Long Bao 小籠包 – Steam Dumpling

Wu Gok 芋角 – Fried Taro Balls (craving for this too!)

Miss Pinky was craving for duck. She also ordered a few dim sum dishes.
Siu Aap Faan 燒鴨飯 – Roast Duck and Rice (the skin was tough for Miss Pinky)

Cha Siu Cheung Fun 叉燒腸粉 – BBQ Pork Rice Noodle Rolls

Fung Jaau 鳳爪 – Spicy Chicken Feet

Ja Yau Yu 炸魷魚 – Deep Fried Squid (tasty and very chewy!)

All I can say is that, it is GREAT food. 

Surrounded by food! ^_^

I think China Town’s dim sum restaurants are always the best. Authentic. Traditional. And always filling!! I have tried Ping Pong which is a modern dim sum restaurant, it’s not that filling and I find it expensive.

Total price came to £38.10 – reasonable for 2 people! (Includes a beer and green tea)

My geeky rating: 5/5 

Good points:
– Food came quick
– Good portions
– Reasonable prices
– Friendly service
– Super quick at tidying (as they do in Hong Kong!)
– Will record your name if there’s a queue

Bad points:
– Not many that I can think of… Just cramped tables… (as Miss Pinky said to me, there’s a very high table turnover!)

Address: 28-29 Gerrard Street, London W1D 6JW
Tel: 0207 734 1073

Website: goldendragonlondon.com

6 thoughts on “Yum Cha at Golden Dragon 金龍軒 – London China Town

  1. I love this post :)The Golden Dragon has a very special place for me, as my husband and I went there often in our dating days! We hardly ever go there now but funnily enough we were there last weekend. All the food was fantastic. The dim sum in your photos looks delicious too!


  2. J Chow

    thanks for the recommendation! I hope to go there soon! :)I know in Hong Kong, Dim Sum is usually for breakfast… Just wondering if you know whether they serve it as dinner in this restaurant?Thanks again.


  3. Hi, thanks for reading! I'm afraid dim sum in this place ends at around 4 or 5pm as with all the other Chinese restaurants I know. The only place that does dim sum all day long is Ping Pong but it's very expensive and I don't recommend it. However I think there may be one I haven't tried it's called Young Cheng on Lisle Street near to See Woo Supermarket… can't remember their opening times though… will have a look when I'm around there next time!


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