Tofu Dessert 豆腐花

This is a re-post about Tofu Dessert 豆腐花 because unfortunately the Blogger App on my phone isn’t great and doesn’t sync properly with the web version. 😛 And unfortunately, I did not save a copy of the previous post! 

So, do you like tofu and have you ever tasted Tofu Dessert before? If not, here’s a few pictures of what it looks like. If you’re lucky and live near a Chinese / Asian Supermarket or store, you may be lucky to find ready made ones. If not, there are instant packets you can buy to make them yourself. Or if you are very, very lucky you can try them out in a Chinese bakery…

Well, tofu desserts are made with the obvious – tofu. But what is added is syrup and water to give the tofu a sweet taste. And what you have to do is actually scoop or slice the tofu plus add some of the syrup onto your spoon then eat it.

This is an easy dessert to make but as like jelly it takes very long to set.

Try it out if you can find it!! ^^

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