International Christmas Ads 2012 (Part 2)

It’s now December and in continuation from my last post on international Christmas ads for this year, I went in search for more. I did the same thing as last time by translating ‘Christmas adverts’ or ‘Christmas’ on Google Translator. But first I found the obvious ones in English…

Canada – Runway. If I didn’t read the title of this advert, I would’ve thought this was about spending time with the family or another type of John Lewis ad… But no, it’s about about hardware, electrical equipment, tools and furniture! Hah, that got me! 

Ireland – SPAR. Hah! This one cracks me up. This one looked like a tourist ad, like ‘Come and Visit Ireland’ type of ad. Or an ad that was selling Christmas trees. You have to watch it to the very end to find out what this ad is all about. SPAR. The convenience store… ¬_¬” OMG. Never would’ve thought so…!!

And now with the not so obvious ones…

Sweden – Elgiganten. This one is quite good. A convincing Christmas ad like the IKEA ads I’ve seen. All about electrical goods which is what this ad is all about! 

Andorra – ESPOT TR3SC NADAL. I simply had no idea what this ad was about. I had to do a little Internet research on this one. But first, I have to say, it’s a very simple advert with a few computer graphics used. Club TR3SC is actually a site that helps you book tickets for concerts, cinemas, museums etc… A bit like Interesting!

China – Bar beer (Kirin). OMG. This is in Mandarin. I think Chinese people like to use puns in their commercials! They use “Bar” (indicating ‘Bar’ Beer the product) at the end instead of “ba 吧”, which is a character/particle used to end the phrase. “圣诞来吧!” Christmas is coming! A convincing ad from China! But still OMG!

Denmark – Fang Julemanden. Huh?! I have no idea what this is about! All I can make out is that they want to kill Santa… And there’s some crazy people dressed up. Is this for a family outing somewhere like the cinema? I think I will need to ask my Danish friend about this one!

Netherlands – 5000 for life. Clueless? So am I. This looked so anti-Christmas with the way the family wanted to get away from all those Santas!! Hahahah! Well as a guess and another Internet search it’s about the National Lottery. ^_^ Don’t we all want to win some money before Christmas!!

Estonia – Rakvere Joulureklaam. Uh. Clueless again!! This could have been about anything!! Santa delivers presents to all over the world and ends up at a dinner table served with a lot of food. Is this a supermarket ad? I tried looking it up, but I think it’s more of a tourism ad to go to Rakvere, which is a town in Estonia… Hm, does anyone know?

Finland – Kalaneuvos. I found another Finnish ad! ¬_¬” And another OMG from The Geek!! Well. What I can I say to these Scandinavian adverts? Hmmm, this one’s about fish… That was quite obvious! The Finnish people are really calm people. You can tell by this guy’s voice that he’s relaxed, and that Finnish people don’t have that many worries like us people in the UK!!

Greece – Cosmote. Would you believe me after watching this advert that this is a telecommunications ad? You probably won’t. Cosmote is a mobile network company in Greece… This tells me nothing about phones or whatnots. The Greek speak so fast too!! I think they were trying to tell us their price plans… What do you think? Any Greeks care to explain?

Korea – Baskin Robbins. Awwww. This is cute!!!!! It may be a bit too cold for ice cream, but this Korean ad is just so, so cute!! It’s to the point, and leaves you with a tingling sensation of wanting to eat ice cream for Christmas!! Cute!!

Latvia – Anttilas Ziemassvetku katalogs. The simplest Christmas ad of all time! Straight to the point! I got it straight away after I watched it. A catalogue for Anttila! Easy!! No guessing here made! Phew! ^^

So what do you think of all these different ads? 

I’m going to have another search in a few weeks time. I hope there’s going to be some interesting ones soon!! ^_^

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