Home Steamed Dim Sum Part Deux

In my previous post on dim sum, I never really showed you peeps out there how simple Chinese people like me actually steam dim sum (and food in general) without having to use a steamer or bamboo baskets. It’s not needed. My parents taught me the simple way, and here’s how you do it. You can do this with all types of dim sum (except for the ones that need frying… well that’s quite obvious, duh! ¬_¬”)…

1. Buy a packet of some frozen dim sum of your choice from any Chinese or Asian store / supermarket.
Dim Sum Mix of prawn dumplings, siu maai, beef siu maai and  xiao long bao! ^^

2. Add oil into a plate which has raised edges, and spread the oil around the plate with kitchen towel. If you have baking paper you can put this on top of the plate to make it easy for you to remove the dim sum, as they usually stick to the plate. Then add the dim sum into the plate. Spread them out evenly.
Frozen dim sum
3. Take an old frying pan and add some cold water half-way. Put on a low heat (gas mark 4… medium setting for electrical cookers, I guess) and place the pan of cold water on top of the cooker. Then put the plate of dim sum on top. Cover the pan, and leave for 15-20 minutes for the dim sum to steam.
Add the plate of dim sum into the pan of water
4. After 15 mins, check the dim sum has thoroughly defrosted and cooked. The easiest way if you are steaming ha gaau (the prawn one in white wrapping) , the wrapping should go semi-clear, so you will actually be able to see the prawns… Then carefully take out the plate and cool for one minute. 
Cooked dim sum!! Yummy!!

Enjoy ^^
I enjoy dining out but now I have shown you that you can Yum Cha in your own home 😀 … I expect a pot of Chinese tea (oolong tea or jasmine tea would be great) when I come ’round and visit!! ^^

My previous post on steaming your own dim sum:

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