Cute Stores in London China Town and Trocadero (CLOSED)

Afraid China Town Market is/has closed down… Please look elsewhere for cute stores! I will try and find more!!

Cute stores? Are you looking for cute stores in London? Trying to find that cute, kawaii gift before Christmas or for someone’s birthday…? Well then, here’s just a small summary of those that I know of around China Town and in Trocadero… There’s not many really. They’re all in one area. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the ones in China Town (but I did take a couple before I was told not to!! No infringement is intended here!!).

So the main one in China Town is called “China Market 中市”. There’s 3 entrances. One’s on Charing Cross Road. The other on Newport Court and the third one is near the car park. It’s like a mini mall of different stalls selling very, very cute things to bags to touristy stuff. I love it. There’s so much Hello Kitty stuff, stationery and other quirky cute things that girly girls like. ^_^ Miss Pinky tagged along when I was taking these pictures and saw all the Pink Hello Kitty mugs, and she wanted them!! Hah!!

China Town Market 中市 … See the Hello Kitty toys in the window? ^^

I took this picture from outside the store!!!!

Mr. Panda – this is inside China Town Market

There’s more stuff around the corner… I love this stall!!

Entrance from Newport Court
Entrance in China Town

Address: 55 Charing Cross Road, Leicester Square, London WC2H 0BL

The next stores are in Trocadero. There’s actually one store missing. It’s been taken over by another store, which is not so cute. It was a Chinese store that sold a lot of stationery and panda toys, clothes and bags… Aww… It’s a shame that’s gone!
Tokyo Toys!! ^^

However, in replacement of that store is Tokyo Toys! I actually forgot about this store!! They sell a lot of toys, T-shirts and manga… Check it out!! ^^

Address: Ground Floor, Trocadero, 7-14 Coventry Street, London W1D 7DH


And the final cute store that I know of, which is one level above… It is actually quite tricky to get to because you can’t really see the stairs. So once you see Claire’s Accessories, go around the corner to the right hand side, you will see a set of stairs and then you will see this store… Edit (April 2014): it is now located near the front of the Trocadero entrance as the rest of Trocadero is now being converted into a hotel.

Mosaic House in Trocadero
Mosaic House – I took this picture from the outside

I love this store. It’s similar to the stalls in China Market, but a bit spacious! You can also find an entrance on Rupert Street if you can’t be bothered to go back into the main part of Trocadero…

Address: Trocadero, 7-14 Coventry Street, London W1D 7DH

If I get a chance, I will go and found some more cute stores around London!!

Check out my posts on Forbidden Planet and Artbox too!! 😀

p.s. Forgot to mention Tiger UK and Wing Yip’s New Time City store!!

30 thoughts on “Cute Stores in London China Town and Trocadero (CLOSED)

  1. Hi, not very expensive compared to some stores but it depends on what you want to buy… I think there are a lot of squishies but I haven't been in there for a couple of months… if you can't find any try Artbox in Covent Garden.


  2. Heyo <^o^< I'll be visiting London this fall for the first time and I wanted to know, if you have seen a store which sells Ao Dai's (traditional vietnamese dress)? Since you're a Londoner 😀


  3. Hi, I'm afraid I don't know any Vietnamese clothing stores in London. I've only seen the Chinese dresses in China Town. You could probably try Camden Town.I think most of my Vietnamese friends generally go to Vietnam to get their dresses although there is a large community of Vietnamese in South London!


  4. hihi, there's Kawaii Kollective which sells K-pop socks. try out Seoul Bakery… they sell K-pop stuff as well as food's probably places in New Malden, but I have not really explored that area yet. There's a supermarket called Hmart luck!


  5. Anonymous

    Hey Baobao,thanks alot for pointing out..we managed to buy some squichies from Artbox at Covent Garden and my daughter is happy..but the selection is limited though.. Where is Forbidden Planet? :))


  6. There's none at the moment. I think they're replacing most of the market as shops.I went there today, so I'll do an update blog post of what it looks like now. There are still a couple of shops along Rupert Street that sell Chinese things, but nothing more at the moment…


  7. Hey, this is random but please keep this up. It’s memories for people who used to hang around here and Trocadero back in the late 2000’s/2010s and the pictures take me and my friends back to the days when we used to hang out here a lot.


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