Instant Bubble Milk Tea from 优乐美 U.LOVEIT

I went on another food shopping spree in China Town a few days ago! And I was looking for some dried lotus root to use in Chinese soup, but couldn’t find them and so I ended up buying this at New Long Fung Supermarket 新龍鳳行…
From left to right: Original bubble tea flavour, Red Bean bubble tea , normal instant tea flavour

Jay Chou promoting the U.LOVEIT bubble tea products ^^

Instant Hot/Cold Bubble Milk Tea from a Chinese company U.LOVEIT 优乐美 (you le mei).

It’s just perfect for the lazy person who wants bubble tea but doesn’t want to spend too much. I think it’s been out in London for a while but I have never tried it out. Bubble tea is still an in thing and there’s definitely an increasing fan base in London. 

Here’s what’s inside the bubble tea cups. The one with the very orangy cap is just normal instant tea without the bubbles, it has jelly bits instead.

Everything is tightly packed

This is what’s inside the cup: tapioca bubbles, instant milk tea and a big yellow straw

Tapioca bubbles 

First I made the original bubble tea and had it hot. It was nice! Real bubble tea taste. ^^

Start mixing!

This is how you drink it

Then in the evening I had the red bean bubble tea. Cold with pre-made ice. ^^

Red Bean bubble tea with ice!

If you want to buy the ones with tapioca balls make sure you buy the ones that say Bubble Milk Tea 珍珠奶茶. They cost under £1 each (I think it was 86p… something like that! I lost the receipt!).

There’s no instructions in English on the cup to show you how to make this, but thankfully I found a video on YouTube!


Where to buy: New Long Fung Supermarket 新龍鳳行
Cost: ~86p

Here’s my previous post on bubble tea…

6 thoughts on “Instant Bubble Milk Tea from 优乐美 U.LOVEIT

  1. I fell in love with the Wheat flavoured one with jelly, when I was over in China. I am now on a search through the supermarkets and internet to find them! Thanks for posting, it is a good sign that places outside China supply them! *fingers crossedd


  2. Thanks for the instructions! I bought this from a Chinese store which didn't have any instructions for it, and googling it came up with your blog! And yes it does taste really nice!


  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for the considerate video:) But would you please tell me exactly how much water should I pour?(ex. 120ml) I threw the paper cups away when packing and I had't found any instructions yet:(


  4. I don't have any on me at the moment, but when I made it, I poured it into a glass cup and drank it that way. So I got the same glass cup and measured where it was last time. So I would say roughly 275ml to 300ml :)Don't forget to factor in the hot water used for the tapioca first!


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