IKEA International Christmas Adverts

Ok, I had no intention of blogging about the IKEA adverts, so I was forced asked by Miss Pinky to write a little bit more about them. (She’s a TV addict, and she doesn’t admit to it! She’s also reading my blog and has started to giving me critical feedback! ¬_¬).

I have already posted about the Malaysian/Singapore and Thailand ad, so here’s the some of the other ones from around the world plus of course the one from the UK…

UK – Playing With My Friends. This is a cute ad. A one minute long ad compared to all the other IKEA ads I’ve seen. This is of a little girl who is helping out and making the table for a Christmas lunch party. The adults are dressed up and are also helping out. I love the robot with its laser eyes and magnetic body! Miss Pinky says she loves the big teddy bear, and her brother Master H loves the action figure who looks a little bit like He Man. Hah! A fun ad and I like the song too. ^^

USA – The Perfect Holiday. This reminds me of a Desperate Housewives episode. Some Americans housewives are such perfectionists (note that I said some because I know that not every person is a perfectionist)! This housewife knows the typical things her family and friends will be doing in her house, and so she shifts everything around to make it a great dinner party. It’s an ok ad. Not the best IKEA ad I’ve seen so far.

Germany – Alles ist erleuchtet (Everything is Illumuniated). Ah, the Germans have taste. I really like this ad. They’re just advertising candles here. See how many usages a candle can make! Amazing. But I think there’s more that the Germans could advertise for IKEA!

Portugal – Jantar Familia MESA. I love that dog. This one’s a bit different to the other IKEA ads. At least they’re saying what they’re advertising in this ad. A table! Hahah! ^^ 

Spain – Navidad. My god! The Spanish speak so fast! In this one the father gets pushed around in a shopping trolley by his wife. The son spots a Christmas display, and shouts to his father to look. This is a very simple and short ad. It shows the Spanish’s festive spirit. 😀

France – NJUT ! génération. I like this one. Inventive. It shows the French’s fun side of things! 😀 Here, the father loves his family friends and wants to get the perfect family picture. He sees a picture of a tree on a wall and decides to move everyone around to get the perfect ‘Christmas family tree picture’ – in generation order of course. Love it! Love the music too!

Czech Republic – Vánoce. Nice ad. A bit too much talking for me in this one though. Fish in the bath tub (where did they get that idea?). Kids being naughty. And the adult taking over the remote control car! Hah! 
The French and the German ones have to be my favourite. ^^

It was hard finding the Scandinavian ones, plus a few of the other countries haven’t put their ads onto YouTube yet… 😦