Harvey Nichols Christmas TV Advert 2012

Oh I looooooove this advert from Harvey Nichols – ‘Avoid A Same Dress Disaster’!! I am not much into buying their clothes, but seeing this ad just made me laugh! 😀 It was like watching a battle of survival of the fittest, and it is such a GEEKY ad! I’m sure all the men (but not sure for all the fashionista women out there) will love this one!!

In this ad, two women show up at a party with the same red dress on. They give each other the evil stare and then… The LASER EYES come out and the battle begins to get rid of each other. As only one lady at that party had the right to wear that one red dress! I also found the little dog in the ad amusing as it also had laser eyes! Hahahah!! ^^ At the very end of the ad a third lady  joins in the battle who also had the same red dress on! Harvey Nichols is trying to say ‘don’t go shopping in that cheap place where everyone else is going to go to!’ ^_^

Well done Harvey Nicks for making me laugh. Good advert! (^_^)v 

So will you be going to Harvey Nichols to buy that extra special dress?! ^_^ Good luck in avoiding those evil eyes!