Cantonese Egg Waffles 鷄蛋仔 in London China Town

Last time when I went to Hong Kong I wanted to try this very famous street food – Cantonese style waffles known as 鷄蛋仔 gai daan jai (a.k.a egg puff or egg waffle). I think a normal waffle mix is used and the only difference is, is that light evaporated milk is used instead of skimmed milk, but anyway they use a special egg shaped waffle pans to make them.

On a recent trip to China Town (the day Miss Pinky decided to come along on my adventure looking for cute stores and eating dim sum), I saw a couple of stores making them outside in this freezing weather! But I didn’t buy any to try them out. They are always best served hot from my experience in Hong Kong. 🙂 And funnily enough the ones in China Town are made into different colours on one side, and Miss Pinky and I saw a pink one! (Miss Pinky wasn’t interested by the way)…
Pink Egg Waffle (and there’s a chocolate one next to it)

Here’s how they are served in Hong Kong (picture taken a few years ago)! They are normally put into a brown paper bag.

Hong Kong bought egg waffle ^^

Why not try them out… Tastes like a normal English waffle. They get hard when they’re cold. 😀 And sorry I didn’t check the price out… Will do next time when I pass by!! 

Which stores to buy them from: Outside Yang Guang Supermarket 阳光超市 and another one which is a couple of doors down next to the car park.
Price: 2.50 for original plain flavour; £3 for other flavours (for both stores!)

If you are looking for a recipe, try this person’s one. He uses a normal waffle mix with vanilla essence and doesn’t use evaporated milk:

More info on Cantonese egg waffles:

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