Angus Steakhouse – London Leicester Square

So after going around the German Market, plus a walk around Covent Garden with my friend Miss Rock who I see only once a year we decided to eat. My friend wanted to eat Westernised style food and nothing Chinese (she’s Chinese too and just got back from Hong Kong – but I’ve just realised that she’s totally British! :-S) Hah! And so I suggested Angus Steakhouse. I have been there before, and I knew I would enjoy the food there!! (I didn’t take a picture of the outside but enjoy the pics of the food :D).

Well you can’t not order a steak whilst at a steak house in which case I ordered the New York Strip, with a side order of chips… I think my egg was slightly under-cooked, but nevertheless I enjoyed it! 

New York Strip with peppercorn sauce

I had peppercorn sauce with my steak. Now this is what peppercorn sauce is supposed to be like! Not that brown stuff from one of my previous posts!

The steak doesn’t come with sides… this is my chips 🙂

Miss Rock had the Chicken Carolina which was very filling but she wanted a salad with it! She finished it, although she had to take a break in between… 😀

Chicken Carolina

In the end, we both wanted dessert… well something cooling to finish off with. Last year we had massive desserts and couldn’t really finish everything! So we both had a milkshake. I had the banana flavour and Miss Rock had the strawberry flavour.

Strawberry milkshake ^^

Yummy banana milkshake

I also ordered a berry cheesecake. I love cheesecake, but I didn’t like the berries. A bit sour. The sauce was nice though!! ^^

Nice cheesecake! 

Total cost came up to £68.25 (includes 2 diet cokes)

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 (just for the slightly under-cooked egg and the sour berries, but otherwise A-ok!)

Good points:
– Good and friendly service
– Steak was cooked medium as it was supposed to be!
– Thumbs up for my banana milkshake
– Got seated by the window

Bad points:
– Berries on the cheesecake were a bit sour (don’t like sour berries)
– Was the service charge compulsory? Yes I think it was… No tip… Sorry… (Check out comment below – it’s not a compulsory charge!)

Address: Angus Steakhouse, 20 Cranbourn Street, London WC2H 7AD


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2 thoughts on “Angus Steakhouse – London Leicester Square

  1. We're so pleased you enjoyed your meal. The New York Strip is one of our most popular choices!However, we don't ask for a compulsory service charge as you mentioned. What we do ask is a £1 cover charge for each diner. This is something quite common in London restaurants, particularly in the more touristy areas. We constantly review our prices and those of our competitors and have reduced the price of all of our main meals by £1 to offset the cover charge. We hope you come back and visit us again soon!Jo SmithAngus Steakhouse


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