Deers, Balls and Lights

What a strange title for this post! ^_^

Well I’m trying to fit in two areas of London that always fascinate Londoners and the visitors to London during the Christmas period. I always find this time of the year quite festive, but also quite stressful! So if you have time and you have time to stop shopping, just look around you and see what’s around you. 😀

First off is Covent Garden. The place where everyone loves to be when it’s not too busy…
Giant balls and green bush candies are hanging around the arcade parts…

Covent Garden

Big red deco balls!

Bushy candies ^^

There’s even a giant Christmas tree and a giant LEGO advent calendar outside Covent Garden!!

Christmas tree! 

The LEGO advent calendar

Forgot to take a picture of the other half!

On one side they have a giant green bush reindeer… and loads of barrels… 

Massive reindeer!

Barrels of…?

And surprisingly there were live reindeer… For real!! 

Real reindeer ^^

Covent Garden’s lights are really pretty too!! ^^

The next part to go to is Oxford Street. They have their street lights up… They seem so simple this year…

“Marmite Gold … You either love it or hate it”

Pretty lights!!!!

I like this one 😀

The lights in Regent Street are quite boring!

Enjoy your Christmas!!

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