Royal Margin 皇星樓 – London Surrey Quays

Yesterday was my last Christmas meetup with Miss Pinky and her brother Master H. First of all I went to the wrong section of London. I thought I was supposed to be in Waterloo, but actually I was supposed to be going to Surrey Quays!! Miss Pinky would have said “You Muppet!”. (Meaning: You Stupid!). Hahahah! So instead of them trekking all the way towards me, I went to Surrey Quays. Both of them were very hungry, and because I was late they wanted to immediately get out and eat. Thankfully Miss Pinky was dressed and ready to go (because she never usually is). 

Master H wanted Chinese, Indian or Nando’s. Miss Pinky wanted Indian food. And I would eat anything… Unfortunately, there’s no Nando’s in the area, the local Indian restaurant was closed, and so we ventured into another Chinese restaurant! Hah!

We found ourselves in a very spacious restaurant called Royal Margin 皇星樓 (literally meaning “Emperor Star House”), which isn’t far from the Surrey Quays Overground station. I didn’t take pictures of the inside unfortunately, but it was nice, although it looked very dim (as in low lighting)… It was in the middle of the afternoon, and I thought it should have been a bit brighter inside.
Outside Royal Margin

Restaurant Menu Cover

Inside the menu (check the link at the bottom of this post for the actual menu)

A Chinese decoration

Ok, so here are the starters and the drinks. We had two different starters. And as always, I seem to order the ones with prawns which Miss Pinky cannot eat…

Apple and Mango smoothie (really fresh!)

Two lemondades

 I really liked these spare ribs!! Nice and crispy!!

Deep fried spare ribs with salt, chilli and pepper

Deep fried wonton! Oddly shaped, but very nice indeed!
Here’s our main food….

Miss Pinky had the roast duck noodle soup, she said her soup wasn’t great, but her noodles were ok, the duck was ok and apparently she liked the one in Super Star where the duck was crispy and the soup was yummy! Even though I gave that restaurant an average review!!
Roast Duck noodle soup
I had the beef chow mein, crispy noodles instead of soft noodles. Mine were good. Good seasoning. A lot of crunch in the noodles. And tasty!
Beef chow mein
And Master H had the chicken chow mein, which were soft noodles. I never asked how it was for him. But he seemed to like it. Plus he was using his chopsticks too!
Chicken chow mein
Well, total price came to £40.32 and that included another two cokes – good pricing!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Good service
– I liked my smoothie
– Food was nice and hot (starters and mains)
– Reasonable pricing!

Bad points:
– Dim lighting in the restaurant
– Food came out a little slower than expected… We were in a rush!

Address: 176-178 Lower Road, London, Greater London SE16 2UN
Telephone: 020 7232 5118

Website: (they also do Thai food!!)

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