Kobo Mini eReader

Shhhhhhh!! Don’t tell Miss Pinky I got myself another eReader (but of course I’m keeping my old one! I promise!). It’s a Christmas gift to myself (bought it last Sunday) for all the hard work and stress I’ve had in the past year. Miss Pinky hates me for being so technological AND being a multi-tasker. I can’t help it! ^^
I bought this one because it’s light and easy to carry around, unlike my iriver eReader which is heavy… and just heavy… ¬_¬”” But the good thing about my iriver is that it’s very good at showing comics / manga and jpeg files which the Kobo Mini is not that good at.
Seriously I’m in love with my new Kobo Mini . It was £49 in Argos (and I thought it was £49.99 – the lady at the till also thought the same too!!). 
The only trouble with my Kobo Mini is that it can’t read the Waterstone books I bought because they’re protected by Adobe DRM. Boohoo! Will I have to purchase the books again? Or will have to read them on my iriver? Oh, the trouble of finding a good eReader!!
The one good thing that I really like is that it fits right into the palm of my hand, and I really have a small, chubby hands! 😀
I am very happy with my purchase, and I hope to read loads of books next year!! ^^

p.s. I found a way of reading my Waterstones purchased ebooks on my Kobo Mini and Kobo phone app too!! :D… Follow this YouTube video ^^ (You will need to use a computer to do this!).

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