Morrisons Chicken Dim Sum (迷你雞包仔)

Wooo. I have never seen frozen dim sum in an English supermarket before! I was quite surprised when I saw these, and was contemplating in whether to try them out or not.
Morrisons Chicken dim sum

Well, as you can see I bought them out of curiosity, and to see what Morrisons has to offer! They are called Chicken dim sum! There’s no Chinese name for it, so I’m calling them 迷你雞包仔 mai nei gai baau jai (meaning: mini chicken buns, which is what they are). In Chinese supermarkets / restaurants they are called chicken buns 雞包仔 gai baau jai.  But those are  far bigger and take a little longer to steam! …

Chicken dim sum with the packet of soy sauce

So firstly since I don’t own a microwave (which is suggested on the package that you should use) I went ahead and steamed them for about 10 minutes in an old frying pan. On the package it says 2 minutes or 2 and a half minutes in the microwave… Wow! Super fast!

Before steaming

Once steamed, I had a look and tasted one. They look and taste the same as the bigger versions (I bet they took tips from a Chinese dim sum chef!!!). 

After steaming

Inside the bun

And dipping them in the soy sauce made it tasty too!! (The soy sauce was warmed and defrosted in a bowl of warm water before pouring it into a bowl). It is sweet, not too salty and has a few sesame seeds in it. Nice!

The sweet soy sauce and sesame seeds

The only disappointment were the paper bases, as these tore off the bottom of the mini bun quite easily.

Paper tore off the bottom easily!

Would I recommend these to anyone? Yes. Definitely. Especially if they were holding a party!! 

I wonder if they will produce different dim sum in the future… 

Where to buy: Morrisons
Cost: £3

p.s. It’s almost Chinese New Year (February 10th), so these are ideal for a Chinese home party ^_^