Golden Grill – London Camberwell

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but was too lazy… ¬_¬” so here it is!!

One lunch time I was suddenly asked by a couple of colleagues to go to lunch with them even though I had just heated my own lunch of frankfurters in egg fried rice, and already had two to three spoonfuls! In the end I had to give in as I hardly go out to lunch with my colleagues. I sit in my office nearly all day long, every weekday, staring at my computer… 😦

So, we ended up in Golden Grill in Camberwell. It’s a kebab shop, opened since 1975, older than me!! 😀
Golden Grill in Camberwell Green

We sat inside and it took us a while to order food as everything looked so appetizing!! The place looks very retro, and has a lot of Turkish ornaments.
Inside Golden Grill

Nice lights!

The menu… So many choices inside
In the end we ordered the following… And I don’t remember us ordering the pitta bread and dips… Was that free with our order?
Warm pitta bread with various dips

 One colleague ordered a chicken wrap. She finished half of it, but couldn’t finish the other…

Chicken Wrap – So big!

The chef made a small mistake with mine and my male colleagues orders as I wanted chips, and my colleague wanted the rice… ¬_¬””

Lamb Kebab with Salad and Rice

This is my Chicken Shish kebab with salad and chips

I couldn’t finish mine. It was so filling. But I would definitely go to this place again!! ^_^

Total cost – I can’t remember. One of my colleagues kindly paid as I was trying to find my purse…

My geeky rating: 5/5 (it was so filling!)

Good points: 
– Nice warm pitta bread with different dips (better than Nando’s)
– Food was very filling
– Reasonable pricing (as far as I can remember)
– Friendly service
– Halal

Bad points:
– Slightly slow service (may have been a long queue for the takeaways), and that’s it really…

Address: 20 Camberwell Green, London SE5 7AA
Telephone: 0207 277 3720

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