Kit Kat Chunky Champion

Incredible! Nestlé are surprisingly working hard! I read @grocerygems reviews and thought I must try them out too! Nestlé have released FOUR new flavours of Kit Kat Chunky and they want those who can find them (Costcutter and Local Newsagents) to vote on Facebook to say which one’s the best.

Well, here’s all four of them, plus I’ve added a limited Kit Kat at the end of this post, just to spark off some controversy from Kit Kat fans ^__^ (only joking).
Kit Kat Chunky Champions plus White Choc Chunky

Firstly is the Hazelnut flavour. You can’t smell much of the hazelnut. Actually I couldn’t smell much at all! Tasted of normal Kit Kat, but then the hazelnut taste just comes into place just after sucking at the melted chocolate. Didn’t like this one much. Thumbs down! (-_-)p

Hazelnut Chunky


Second Kit Kat. The Coconut flavour. I’m afraid I’m not a coconut fan. And as soon as I smelt the coconut I said to myself “ugh, coconut”. But surprisingly it tastes really nice. There’s a distinctive coconut taste that lasts in your mouth from the very first bite. I quite enjoyed this one. I felt there was a taste of dark chocolate too. Thumbs up! (^_^)b

Coconut Chunky – sorry I ate the chocolate before taking the pic of the wrapper!

Time for a coffee break….

Two hours later and after I’ve digested the other two chocolate bars… ¬_¬” … (plus I had dinner beforehand, so I was pretty full)…

Third one is the Mint Flavour. Hmmm.. Mint chocolate… I like mint mixed with choclate. Once I opened this, I could smell the mintiness. On the first bite, it took a small while for the mint to sink in, it was quite disappointing, as I would’ve expected an oomph flavour, like a strong mintiness to be there… But there was none… A dissappointing thumbs down (-_-)p
Mint Chunky

Fourth one is the Choc Fudge… Ummmm Sounds like my kind of Kit Kat Chunky. ^_^ …. Uh, wrong again. A sniff of it smelled like fudge. There was an extra layer of chocolate in there. But yuck. I almost puked (sorry). Don’t like this one. Sorry Nestlé. Whoever thought of this flavour needs a whack on the head! A massive thumbs down (-___-)p

Choc Fudge – Yuck!

Finally, just to confuse you all, (and after I was trying to down myself with my decaff coffee after eating that horrible Kit Kat), I’ve added this limited edition of Kit Kat Chunky White Choc… Is this good? Yep!! Nice!! I’m not usually a white chocolate fan, but this is good! Creamy. Scrumptious!

White Choc Chunky

Tasty! ^_^

Right, so which Kit Kat gets my geeky vote (I think everyone has voted for the one I’m going to vote for on this blogpost).


It’s The COCONUT CHUNKY!! The only one out of the four that got a thumbs up from me!! … If only I had a trophy to give away… ^_^

No more chocolate bars for a while now… Well, maybe…

Where to buy: Costcutter & Local newsagents (and anywhere you can find them!)
Cost: 55p-60p (depending on which shop you go to!)

Update 17-01-2013

Here’s the new TV ad… I’m not to going to say a word about it… ¬_¬

2 thoughts on “Kit Kat Chunky Champion

  1. Brilliant review – I'm in awe of your chocolate eating marathon! Good thinking with the coffee inbetween! Now you need to eat lots of salty food to rebalance :)I'm happy for the Coconut Kit Kat!!


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