Cadbury Egg ‘n’ Spoon

Another chocolate post? Yessiree! (I promise to post something different in my next post). I’m really trying hard to get away from the chocolates, but I can’t!!

This time it’s something very new from Cadbury again!! They seem to be in the Easter mood too. Hah! … And it looks like the 2013 Easter Chocolate Wars have started! (Heheh, just made myself giggle). Geek!!
Egg ‘n’ Spoon

This is how you eat it 
But what happened to Valentine’s Day? Shouldn’t chocolate companies be thinking about the other events (for couples, people who are dating or simply ‘love’ Valentine’s Day). February comes before March and April… ¬_¬””

Anyway, here we go again with another round of Easter eggs. This time I think it will be a success for dessert lovers. (I’ve just had a quick search on the Internet for these, and it looks like they’ve been out for a while, but in other countries other than the UK).

4 eggs and 2 spoons – does that make sense?
There’s four in a box, and they come with 2 special dessert spoons (why not 4 if they’re for sharing?), so don’t lose them!

You have to bite the top to see what the spoon is used for… and what’s revealed inside is some chocolate mousse! Wow!! Yummy!! ^^
Nice egg – the chocolate is very soft, I think it melts quite quickly

Oooo… Chocolate mousse ^^
And now the mousse is gone revealing a hollow chocolate egg. (^_^)v
Where did all the mousse go?!
I lost my receipt (bad at keeping receipts), but I think it was £3.49 in Morrisons (it may be £3.99)… I will double check next time!

Update 26/01/2013
It’s defo £3.99!!

Update 16/02/2013
Morrisons is selling them for £2!!