Ice Sculpting Festival – London Canary Wharf

My colleagues know I love taking pictures, and they know I love anything that goes on in London (that’s free of course!). So one of my friends / colleague, who I am going to call Mrs SweetTooth (because she loves chocolates and sweets) suggested I go to this Ice Sculpting Festival at Canary Wharf. Oooo. I’ve never been to one before, and I actually wanted to go to one as I saw a recent news footage of a place in China that has just opened an ice sculptured city for people to go to and play.
Ice Sculpting Festival 11th – 13th January 2013
I was going to go with Mrs SweetTooth, but I ended up yesterday going with Miss Pinky instead!! Miss Pinky lives really close to the area, so it made sense for us to go together in this freezing weather… The festival started on Friday 11th, and ends today (don’t know what time, sorry). So if you have the chance to go, go quickly!! 

When we got to Canary Wharf, we didn’t know which way to go, so we followed the crowd. Miss Pinky spotted this one… A pretty sculptured dolphin. Wow!! These sculptors must practice a lot!!
I like this dolphin sculpture ^^
We walked down further and there were more activities and sculptures…
People chipping at ice ^^

Giant Chess Set

Nice chess piece!
Then we saw an arena full of people and ice sculptures! It was amazing, although we had to go around a different path to get to the entrance. What we found down there were food stands and different countries competing with each other to see who sculptured the best ice sculpture, as well as a snow pit for children, and people trying to make their own sculptures! 😀
Read those instructions!! So funny!!

Snow rink for the children

People sculpting away

Wow so many people… I’m sure there were loads earlier in the day!

So much ice…

The sculptures… (I seem to have missed out on the Belgium one!)…







United Kingdom

The UK design on paper

It was amazing seeing all these sculptures! And now here’s a couple of the interesting food stands.
Swedish Food!

Curiosity Cola – Interesting name!! ^_^
Here’s a couple of events that were happening at the shopping centre…
Sculpting in the Shopping Centre

Other children’s activities… not sure if this was part of the festival 😛
Here’s the ice rink near the shopping centre.
The ice rink!
In the end, Miss Pinky and I ended up in Wahaca… I’m afraid it was bad… Cold food (the taquito, but the sweet potato was hot), and a manager who thought the food will be delayed by 30 minutes… Miss Pinky’s was lukewarm… Didn’t want to disappoint the waitress as she was so nice, so I said that the food was ‘ok’… 
My cold food at Wahaca in Canary Wharf… disappointed…
Yesterday there was a surge of people wanting to eat food. I’m sure there will be today too!!

If you live near Canary Wharf, go NOW!!

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