Curry Garden – London Surrey Quays

What? Another Surrey Quays restaurant? Yeah why not, I love, love, love curry!

I was at Miss Pinky’s yesterday with Master H trying to relax but I also had to look at one of her assignments (I got a big headache in the end), she also got herself a goldfish (also called Pinky), which we almost killed because the bag it was in suddenly dropped onto the floor. I am now a godmother / auntie to a goldfish ¬_¬”. Thanks Miss Pinky.

We actually all had a hearty meal at KFC earlier (I had no idea they changed the way they served – it’s pretty cool!) and I wasn’t hungry until quite late yesterday evening. Miss Pinky was craving for Indian food for a month! Hahahah, so we ended up in Curry Garden, which is also on Lower Road in Surrey Quays. She’s been in there before, and it was the first time for me so I had to try it out!
Outside Curry Garden

Inside Curry Garden

Napkins were folded nicely

Now I’m going to stop talking and show you the pictures (sorry they’re not good but my battery was very low, so the flash had to be switched off).

We both had this starter, a sheek kebab (one each, because I didn’t order a starter)…
Sheek Kebab – this is Miss Pinky’s… I forgot to take a picture…

Miss Pinky had the lamb daghini with boiled rice. This isn’t very spicy. So if you like curry, but only prefer very mild spices, try this one out.

All the food

Lamb daghini

I had the chicken jalfrezi with pilau rice. This is a spicy dish and I like it! I chewed on one of the chillies and mouth was burning, so Miss Pinky ordered a G&T for me to lower the heat in my mouth (she didn’t want to part with her Cobra beer)! Extremely hot!

Chicken jalfrezi

Pilau rice

Miss Pinky and I really enjoyed ourselves at this restaurant. A group of ladies who were there had a funny conversation with a couple of the waiters! And we couldn’t help listening in. ^_^ The waiters are very East London like (if you have watched Eastenders, you will know what I mean).

Total cost came to £27.10. Really worth it for 2 people!

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– Friendly and funny service
– Great food
– Reasonable pricing
– Not many customers at the time we went, so we had loads of time to spend in there without being rushed!

Bad points:
– Can’t think of any – but I would definitely go for more!!!

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Here’s Miss Pinky’s gold fish Pinky by the way… It survived!

Meet Pinky the goldfish

And here’s my KFC!! ^^ So filling!

KFC lunch

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