Like Coffee Mug(^▽^)/\(^▽^)

Another year. Another new mug. 

You are probably thinking why I’m blogging about a mug… Well, 1. It’s a present from Mr Bear and, 2. He knows that I’m one of the biggest social networkers he knows in the office! (He’s more social than me outside work).
My new coffee mug 😀
Read the description!! ^^

I’m always networking between family and friends inside and outside of work. I’m always deprived of sleep. Only joking! I get loads of sleep (when I can), but I do socialise a lot (it’s the only way I can get gossip ¬_¬””)!! 

Hah! This mug describes me a lot. I like coffee and I like networking. My real job involves a lot of networking between different organisations too…!! So many emails. So many phone calls. So much talking involved. And so many meetings. 😛 … Heheheh… I need a quiet job…
Coffee M
The social networking mug for the ultimate social networking geek!! ^_^

p.s. I’m not on Facebook. I deleted that account a few months ago because I was getting no likeys 😦 …

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