CNY Celebrations in London Trafalgar Square

Before I start blogging about the food I ate yesterday, here’s a post on yesterday’s Chinese New Year celebrations in Trafalgar Square. 

Miss Pinky and I were only there for about half an hour because it was cold, wet, windy and rainy, the weather conditions of Scotland… and my socks got wet too! 😦 Well as my brother said the other day, it’s the Year of the Snake, and the Chinese say the snake brings water (only if you’re superstitious!).
Stage in Trafalgar Square

I love it when the red lanterns go up! And the entertainment we saw was cool!  Too bad I couldn’t watch all of it…

London is very multicultural place and celebrates a lot of different festivals from around the world, of which I am quite happy about… So here’s some pictures I took earlier of the festivities in Trafalgar Square, and at the end of this post are some short clips I took of the music and dance (sorry for all the umbrellas – they were in the way of all my shots!).

Red Lantern from Casino at the Empire

Musician playing the erhu

年年有餘 Nin Nin Yau Yu – lucky fish to bring you fortune!

The stall seller

Fortune Cats!! ^_^

Some dancers on the big screen

One of the dancers

More dancing!

It’s the year of the snake!! ^_^

Loads of people with their umbrellas – it was freezing! Just like being in Scotland brrrrrr

Trafalgar Square fountain

Side of the stage!

More entertainers!!

The video clips… They aren’t brilliant, but watchable!

Hopefully it won’t rain next year!! 
Did you go? What did you like about it? And will you go again?

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