The Lindt Big Egg Hunt UK 2013 (Fabergé egg hunt)

Fabergé eggs are back in town! My friend who I will call Miss Goldilocks alerted me about this event last week and we had decided to have a competition on who could find the most. This year there’s 101 eggs plus an extra 4 1, and not only will they start off in London, but they’ll be going through a big UK tour which will run up until Easter! (Dublin seems to be holding there own egg hunt too!) 

This time the eggs are in co-operation with Lindt, the Swiss chocolate maker plus Metro, and it’s again in aid for Action for Children. XD Yay! There’s also a Lindt chocolate prize at the end (I believe it’s a whole year of Lindt chocolate!! Not sure what the conditions are though… Haven’t read that part yet ¬_¬”). There’s also a new mascot named Eggbert (he’s the new Where’s Wally!) which will be out and about and moved around a lot! 

Lucky I had the day off yesterday ^_^  but I was too lazy to go to the launch… I started my journey from 9 am, and I didn’t care if it rained, snowed or if a blizzard was on its way, I was still going to find some eggs. 😀

I got to Covent Garden at 9.40-ish (boo to morning traffic) and went in via Southampton Way. The first thing I saw was a big Lindt Bunny at the side and thought it was an egg. Nope it’s not! Then I saw a lot of eggs!! 

Lindt Bunny – not an egg!

The first lot of eggs on show

In this post I have put the eggs into collages of the areas that they were in… I am a bit too lazy to name them all, but you can find all the names and artists here

In the South Piazza

In South Hall and East Piazza

At West Piazza

Central Avenue

North Hall
North Piazza

One of the designers / artists was also there. I felt it was like deja vu because I saw a designer / artist last year!

Artist Anna Barlow with her egg ‘Anticipation of a Thousand Moments’

Here’s a camera crew filming away at us egg hunters, well it’s only fair that I took a pic of them too!! ¬_¬

A camera crew that was around

Now. Here’s the Giant Lindt Bunny with loads of tiny Lindt bunny chocolates. Amazing. I want them all!!

Woooow!!!! Big Lindt Bunny!!!!

After this section I took a break and went into Artbox to get myself a nanoblock, which I will blog about another time. I then went around Covent Garden to see if there were any eggs around plus I was Instagramming at the same time. No such luck in finding more, until I went through an alleyway and found the store that the eggs were being held captive in!! ^_^ Quick snap and tweet it to the world which I did a little later…!  

I spotted this egg ‘This is Not an Egg’ before I realised that the rest of the eggs were inside this place!!!

The hidden shop of eggs… I think the people there thought I was going 
to follow them around! No way. I was there to egg hunt 😛

Afterwards, I went back to the centre, bought myself a map which came with a Lindt chocolate bunny and a pen, all costing £3. I then went around Covent Garden again! But I stopped off at EAT and had a coffee (this is where I did some tweeting). Then about 20 minutes later, I went into the same alleyway and found 3 more eggs and the original version of one of them that was at the North Piazza (so confusing!)…

It’s up to you to find these ones!! ^_^

In total I found 83 eggs. So I’m missing 18 eggs plus the extra 4 1… But it looks like I won against Miss Goldilocks, the others were just hidden away in the shop, and I couldn’t take a picture of them all ¬_¬! Buuut I think she’ll find the ones that I didn’t get to see yesterday. Maybe I should go out egg hunting during the weekend to find the rest. 😀

I haven’t seen Eggbert yet as well, it’s being released today – as I was told yesterday on Twitter! But too bad I’m working today… 😦

This is where the eggs are going to be this year…

London Covent Garden 12th February – 17th February
Birmingham 19th February – 25th February
Liverpool 27th February – 5th March
Manchester 7th March – 13th March
Glasgow 15th March – 20th March 
London Covent Garden 22nd March – 1st April

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Happy Lindt Fabergé Egg Hunting!!! ^_^

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p.s. Forgot to mention earlier that my favourite egg is ‘Egg Disguised as Pineapple’ (^_^)v

Update 17/02/2013 – My second and third day of hunting…