The Lindt Big Egg Hunt continues…

It’s EGGXHAUSTING trying to find  eggs! Covent Garden seems like a tiny area in the central part of London, but it isn’t really.

I tried to find the missing ones I missed out on Tuesday. I found 15 of them yesterday. I was so happy, but so tired after walking around back and forth and circling around some streets twice…
15 Eggs that I didn’t see on Tuesday ^_^
I also found Eggbert! I’m sure it’s ok to say where he was now. The clues given out were quite simple… Jeans store… GAP or Levi?… He was in GAP (the adult store not the baby one, which is where I went into first ¬,¬). 
Eggbert in GAP
When I got back home. I realised I had some of the ones that I thought I had missing. Clumsy me! I have them, and I was just missing 5 more…

I knew where two were after extensive searching of people’s pictures on Instagram and other clues… So I went back the next day… That’s TODAY!

Oh my… When I went back today I realised I already had this one… So I had 4 missing not 5!! *SIGH*
I had this one already!! ¬_¬”
This one was quite easy to find… Thanks to Instagram pictures 😀
I didn’t see this one yesterday or on Tuesday… so lucky to have found it!
Found this one in the basement in Link (thanks to the clues I read yesterday)… Very hidden!
Very hard to find!!
This one I didn’t see because the shop window is so dark! Very difficult to see (thanks to the Volunteer and a tourist who was also looking for the eggs especially for Lot 25, which I pointed out to him that it was in a shoe shop!).
Practically invisible!
Before I found the last one I had missing I was listening to this Chinese guy playing some music… Cool stuff!
Chinese guy playing some music 😀
And finally my very last one! There was actually a different egg in that very same spot on Tuesday. There was a big crowd yesterday so I didn’t see it!!
My last egg… Finally
I even got my book stamped 😀

Yay, so I have officially beaten my friend Miss Goldilocks after 3 days in 2 and a half hours. Wahahahahahaha!!!!!! ^_^ Not bad!

The eggs are going to be in these cities in the next few weeks…

Birmingham 19th February – 25th February
Liverpool 27th February – 5th March
Manchester 7th March – 13th March
Glasgow 15th March – 20th March 
London Covent Garden 22nd March – 1st April

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