Fowey, Cornwall – Day 1: The trip starts!

Arrgh! Needed to get away from London for a bit. And I finally found an opportunity to get away from the stresses of life and work and my busy social life. ^_^ A colleague at work had rented a place in Fowey (pronounced as Foy) in Cornwall and there was still time for her friends and colleagues (like me (^_^)v) to use it. I was so happy I contacted Miss Pinky first to ask if she wanted to take up the offer. Yep. She said yes we’re going! Book the travelling tickets now! I even asked Mr Games and Mr Sensible to come with us… but timing and their busy lives was all wrong. 😦

So in the end I booked a National Express coach from London Victoria to St Blazey. (I wanted to get the train, but Miss Pinky wanted to save money… humph). So our trip started off ok. Our coach driver was ok but a bit frustrated that people were boarding with hot food. ‘Any food that is hot is classified as HOT FOOD’ he said. Heheh. We had a few stops before getting to Fowey…

So our first main stop was West Buckland. It’s a small area for people travelling by coach and car and truck to stop at… I think for those who work there must be able to drive!
West Buckland Pit Stop!

Costa Express machine – woooow!!!

Our next stop was in Plymouth. Haven’t been to Plymouth for a number of years now. 🙂
Was inside the coach and took a pic of a church spire in Plymouth ^_^

Coach stop!
Then finally we got to our final stop St Blazey before getting another local bus to Fowey. 
St Blazey Stop – Polgrean Place!
Unfortunately, we with missed the local bus or it probably never came! So we stood outside the bus stop frozen to death for almost an hour… We were waiting and waiting before we said we should book a cab from a cab service my colleague uses! But the bus came in the end… It was late! 😛 Single fare is £4! OMG. That’s expensive compared to London. It was a scary bus ride. We couldn’t see anything along the roads. There were no street lamps either. :S

When we finally got to Fowey, we almost got lost with the place we were staying at. It was also very, very dark to take any pictures… We were hungry and a bit tired… Miss Pinky is really lazy and never cooks when I’m with her (or maybe I find her cooking not up to my standards ¬_¬””)…