Fowey, Cornwall – Day 2 (Part 2/3): Afternoon Tea in Brown Sugar

Day 2 continues…

Miss Pinky has wanted to have afternoon tea for a very long time. But our busy schedules and busy lives mean no-can-do, and trying to find a place that was cheap in London is very difficult.

But finally. Finally. We found a small shop called Brown Sugar in Fowey that did afternoon tea for £4.75. But the only available items were scones with jam and clotted cream plus a pot of tea and milk.
Brown Sugar, Fowey

The menu – probably can’t read it in this picture!
The jam was sweet and the clotted cream was thick. I loved it! The scones were warm and easy to cut, unlike the ones you get in supermarkets which are of course stone cold and hard as rock.
Tea, scones and jam ^_^

My tasty scone of sweet jam and clotted cream! ^_^
I enjoyed my scones, and I like the tea. The scones fell apart too easily though… but it was not a problem!

Miss Pinky doesn’t seem to like sweet jam, and realised afternoon tea is just like being at home with a cuppa… I think she is now discovering herself and deciding what she likes and dislikes…

Total price was £9.50. So worth it!

My geeky rating: 4.9/5… sadly couldn’t order sandwiches at the time we were there. It would have been an even better afternoon tea! 😦

Good points:
– Loads of jam
– Loads of clotted cream
– Warm scones
– Good price!

Bad points:
– Was not able to order other food 😦

Address: 2 South Street, Town Centre, Fowey PL23 1AR