Fowey, Cornwall – Day 3: a walk, a roast and a pasty

Day 3 – it looked like it was going to be a good day with this beautiful sunrise…

Good Morning Fowey!! ^_^

After a good nights sleep and a breakfast of toast, scrambled eggs and bacon… Plus a morning of doing nothing, Miss Pinky and I finally went out for an afternoon walk towards the castle. It was a long walk, and we were walking for about two hours long! 

I didn’t go up to the castle because we went via the beach rather than the public pathway, and there’s a hill that looked unsafe without rails… ¬_¬””

Random picture … Walking along the riverbank

Some rowers

The Castle in the distance!

The sun just peeking out through the clouds

The other side of Fowey

Random picture!

It was a really good walk because my legs started aching afterwards and I could feel the pain when I was walking downhill… Miss Pinky was being very fussy on this day. She wanted lamb (and if you have been reading this blog for a long time I eat almost anything that’s cooked and is delicious)! We searched and searched high and low for any pub still serving Sunday roast with lamb, but finally we went into The Luggers (Inn) serving only pork and beef… Oh well Miss Pinky, you shouldn’t be so picky!!

I had a Guinness… I so needed it after the walk! 😀

Sunday Roast… Finally!!

I really needed this lunch. Loved the vegetables and the baked cauliflower and broccoli cheese! It was all so filling! But my roast potatoes and beef were a bit cold 😦 and Miss Pinky’s were nice and hot!

As we were eating, we were watching the rugby (not my kind of sport, and so I was instagramming)… Boring, even though I have been to two Twickenham games to watch the All Blacks (sorry to rugby fans!), we went back to the flat, relaxed for a few hours… 

During that afternoon we found something in the freezer. We were quite curious at what it was so we cooked it in the oven. And guess what it was? Pastry. A pie of pastry!! Hahahahahah.
A pie of pastry… ¬_¬

Our last meal consisted of a Cornish Pasty and baked beans. I had the large one (so filling and a little meaty). Miss Pinky’s was smaller. She wasn’t happy. There wasn’t enough meat in hers… She likes the London style Cornish pasties… ¬_¬””

Cornish pasty and baked beans! ^_^ … Yummy!!

Thankfully the night ended quite peacefully. 😀

Day 4:

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