Fowey, Cornwall – Day 4: The trip ends!

Our last morning in Fowey 😦 …

We both woke up early. Coffee. Some toast. And me making sandwiches for the journey. We just sat around before we got the local bus, and then we had to sit and wait for our coach to arrive… It was a cold morning, and people in their cars were staring at us as if were strangers in town… we were… we’re just waiting for the coach… Heheheheh.

Here’s my last picture of Fowey from the local bus stop… My brain was telling me take a picture, take that picture now!
Fowey Town Centre – The church
Finally our coach came. It was 5 minutes late. It was a weird journey back to London… The coach driver from the night before didn’t empty the toilet … hmmmm … didn’t want to know about that!! But we had to stop off at the coach stations to get that all sorted out… Hahahah…

Before we reached Plymouth, I took a picture of an oil rig. I wanted to take a picture of the boats, but I wasn’t quick enough with my phone… 😦
Somewhere in Devonshire
Then we had two very talkative people sitting behind us who came on from Plymouth… Thankfully we stopped off somewhere after Bristol… Needed the break 😀 
So many trucks at our pit stop!
It was about 6pm when we arrived back in London Victoria. It was rush hour. My biggest nightmare after a long journey… I hate rush hour!! I wanted to go back to Cornwall. It was so nice and peaceful. No traffic. No people traffic. Nobody trying to run you over…

I think when I retire, I think I would want to go on a very long break in Cornwall, just sitting by the river or the sea… 😀

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