Double Whammy of Mini Easter Chocolate Bunnies

It’s just three weeks away until Easter and I’ve been VERY LAZY! (Well more like very busy outside of the blogging world… it’s just work, work, work at the moment)… ¬_¬ Shush Geek shush – stop moaning! 

So here’s a couple of chocolate bunnies I’ve seen and bought in the supermarkets. They’ve been in the shops for a very long time but I haven’t bothered with them until now. ¬_¬””

First one is this very, very cute Nestle’s Milkyway Bunny…
Awww cute!!
It’s so cute, I didn’t want to eat it…
Yummy white chocolate 😀
But I did. I beheaded it. I’m not usually a white chocolate fan, but this Milkyway Bunny has brought me back to liking white chocolate! 😀

Next up is this Cadbury’s Caramel Bunnies… Two mini bunnies for the price of one.
Two for the price of 60p 😛
Too sweet for me, but I love the caramel… I would say better than the amount of caramel that Rolo gives out in their chocolates! (Oi! Cheeky Geek!! :P)
Looks tasty – but very sweet!

Loads of caramel! 😀
Both cost 60p each… so hurry, hurry for your chocolate Easter cravings!! 😀

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