Kew Gardens – an offer I could not resist!

Oof. I must’ve been bored during last weekend. Nothing to do. Just studying languages and food shopping. But luckily on the Sunday I saw that Time Out London had an offer for Kew Gardens! 50% off tickets! Yay! 😀 This was an offer I could not resist! Tickets are usually £14.50, and children under 16 can go in for free. These tickets were £7.25 (obviously ¬_¬) and I haven’t been to Kew Gardens for over 10 years! Wow. Long time!

So – firstly contact Miss Pinky first, check. Bring Master H if Miss Pinky is going, check! Purchase tickets, check. Print off tickets, check! 出發!(cheut fat – Off we go!).

We got there just after 12pm (it was a long journey, as part of the District line was suspended) and then we had a bit of lunch (well breakfast for Miss Pinky and I) before heading into Kew Gardens.

Map of Kew outside the station


Burger and the chips were to share!

I forgot that it’s a MASSIVE place, and I don’t remember going to all the greenhouses during my first trip (it was a University trip when I went there last!).

First we checked out the lake and then went into the greenhouse… Loads of ducks and plants!

The Greenhouse

Two beautiful swans!

Two beautiful Canadian Geese ^_^

Looking up at the greenhouse

At the top of the greenhouse

Looking down at the greenhouse

Steamy windows!


The Greenhouse from the other side of the lake

Next it was the Plants and Peoples section… It’s amazing seeing the plants we use for what we use in everyday life. ^_^

Plants and People

We use plants to make baubles, bangles and beads

Making dye

Musical instruments

Fun music!

Then we into the orchid greenhouse. Wow! I think this is the most popular and beautiful greenhouse amongst all the visitors, but we didn’t go into every section of it… But Miss Pinky was in heaven (I bet!)…

The Orchid Greenhouse

Massive cacti

Beautiful ^_^

So many flowers and orchids!


Amazing colours

I like this!!

Such a beautiful area – Miss Pinky was in heaven!!

Pond Lily

We then went towards Climbers and Creepers thinking there would be insects and stuff to see.. Nope. Wrong. Just a playground and a canteen!! Sorry Master H.

So we went back the other way…

A sculpture – forgot to read what it is!

Time for a tea break… I have been dying to try out Curiosity Cola for a long time. It’s just cola with ginger in it. I like it! 😀

This cost around £16!! Expensive!!

Saw more geese. 

Canadian Goose

And more geese…

Geese ^_^

Then in the end we headed towards the Pagoda. ^_^ It’s so far away!!!!!
See how far the Pagoda is!

Close up of the Pagoda

After the Pagoda we saw the Japanese Landscape…

Japanese shrine / pagoda

Japanese Landscape

Then this lovely peacock appeared. A parent and her child were feeding it at the time! Cuuuuute ^_^

Peacock!! Pretty!!

Finally we went up the Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway – wow! Amazing stuff… Miss Pinky and I got the lift, and Master H took the stairs… Well all I can say is that it is amazing!! There were some wobbly metal work, which I think Miss Pinky and Master H were a bit scared about, but we made it down…^_^ If you are scared of heights, it’s best not to go up there!

This walkway is extremely high ¬_¬””

We didn’t go into all the greenhouses and other parts of the Gardens, but if there was more time, I think we could have explored more…

You wouldn’t think this was part of London, but London has some great venues and places to go to, and Kew Gardens is definitely one of them!
Thanks Time Out London! I will look out for more of your offers in the future. 😀
Address: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Road, Richmond, London, Surrey TW9 3AB
Nearest Tube station: Kew Gardens (District line and London Overground)

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