Volvo V-40 R-Design Poster Ad

This is Moany Geek again. Which person created this poster? Come on ‘fess up!
Spotted this ad at London Bridge Station
It’s a lovely poster. Lovely car. Lovely background. But the message isn’t powerful enough. “I want sometimes gets” does not tell the customer to buy this car. It tells me that if you’re able enough you can ‘sometimes’ get the things in life… But ti should have said ‘I want ALWAYS gets’. The things that you want in life, you will always get!

Ok, yes, for arguments sake, not all the things you want you can ‘always’ get, and you can only get it ‘sometimes’… I get the point… But to be more convincing for a car ad, you have to be positive and convince your customer to buy this car…

Some people may like this ad but I think it’s back to the drawing board peeps…!! 

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