Caffѐ Vergnano 1882 – London Charing Cross Road

Having had a very filling lunch at Asadal on the weekend Miss Pinky and I weren’t hungry at dinner time. She was feeling peckish. And I was not very hungry! So before we were due to watch Singing in the Rain The Musical we went to eat dessert at Caffѐ Vergnano 1882 which is just opposite China Town. You can’t miss it! Well you could as it’s situated in between shops, and they all seem to look alike to me! ¬_¬””

During busy times, cafés in London can get crowded, and most of the time there are no seats. It’s too cold to sit outside (at the moment), or there’s no seats or tables available. That’s how I see it! Even the chained cafés like Starbucks and Costa become so busy it’s ridiculous! So finding a non-chain store is as good as anything… And I’m serious!

Caffѐ Vergnano 1882 is a growing coffee company. It’s Italian. And has survived for three generations apparently. I think you can read about this company on their website rather than me reciting everything they have said. 
Caffe Vergnano 1882 – sorry for the dark picture…

It was difficult to find a seat in this smallish café, but thankfully two people were leaving, so we sat around the corner. 

It’s pretty much like any coffee shop. Very comfortable. For a place that was probably once a bookshop, they’ve really tried hard to make lots of seating space… Don’t think there’s an upstairs or downstairs. Too bad. I think they could do it. Just an opinion / suggestion…

Both Miss Pinky and I ordered the Homemade Cheesecake (well Miss Pinky saw it first before I did, but I wanted it too!!). Miss Pinky had a small latte, and I had a small cappuccino. When I say small, I mean European small! Other European cities tend to serve their coffees in smaller cups than the places in London! I also ordered a Belgian chocolate cookie.
Our food for the evening

My cappuccino was great! It was warm enough to drink, and I liked the way they sprinkled the 1882 on top of the coffee foam.

My regular cappucino 😦

Miss Pinky’s unfortunately was lukewarm, so she had to ask to have it warmed up. She hates cold coffees!! 

Miss Pinky’s latte

The Homemade Cheesecake was AMAZING! I could eat loads of these! ^_^ Strawberry wasn’t too sweet. The cheese was a little heavy, but not sugary heavy as you find in supermarkets. And the biscuit? Wow!! It was light, not too crumbly and it didn’t taste heavy of butter. (I think you can tell I’m a cheesecake lover!). (^_^)b

Homemade Cheesecake! Yummy!!
The Belgian cookie was devine. I offered a bit to Miss Pinky, but she declined. I didn’t really want to share it anyway ¬_¬”” Uh-hm. Greedy Geek…
Belgian cookie ^_^ (tasted like shortbread)

It’s a nice coffee shop. I would definitely come here again.

Total cost came to just over £12. A reasonable price. But would’ve wanted a larger coffee cup for a regular size.

Here’s a picture of The Palace Theatre. We went here for an early birthday celebration (my birthday was yesterday!). I enjoyed Singing in the Rain by the way. A very nice musical. Thankfully my brother (I forgot to give him a nickname… calling him Mr Stingy as he hates spending!) didn’t book front seat tickets, otherwise we would’ve been really wet!!! 😛 We also experienced some annoying latecomers sitting in front of us. 😦
The Palace Theatre ^_^

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 (for Caffѐ Vergnano 1882, not the musical)

Good points:
– Delicious cheesecake
– Reasonably priced items
– Tissues, sugars and sweeteners were available on every table for customers to use
– Good service

Bad points:
– Could do with more seating
– Very small coffee cups  😦

Address: 62 Charing Cross Rd, London, UK WC2H 0BB
Telephone: 020 7240 3512

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