Marks and Spencer Easter Bunnies / Egg

Last Easter chocolate post for 2013! ^_^ But I’m sure there’ll be more chocolate to review in the future!

So WOW. I think Marks and Spencer have joined in the Easter chocolate fun / war! Are these new? Probably not but I’ve never seen these before, or I may have overlooked them in the past… So I bought all three different flavours that were just sitting there and waiting for me to try them out. 😀 

Bubbly Chocolate Bunny. There’s a small review out there from 2010, so I believe this is not new, but the packaging is new. This tastes a bit like cheap chocolate put together. The bubbly inside tastes ok. But it is hard for your teeth. So if you have dentures (false teeth) be aware!! This doesn’t melt easily in the mouth like Wispa or Aero do.

Mint chocolate makers could learn from this egg. This Bubbly Mint Truffle Egg is gorgeous. It has some real mintiness to it! There is definitely chocolate in there. But very hard on the outside (can you see my teeth marks?). However, this does not disappoint mint chocolate fans! I like it!

Honeycomb Truffle Crunch Bunny did not disappoint either. I couldn’t taste the cheap chocolaty taste. I am really impressed by the honeycomb bits and soft truffle inside. Although not entirely filled with honeycomb, you can at least taste it. The truffle part was also very good! Chocolate on the outside was soft and tasty.

They all taste good, well except for the Bubbly Chocolate Bunny.

They were at a good reasonable price too! 55p!! Impressed with M&S!

Happy Easter!!! ^_^

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