Sichuan 川妹子 Chinese Restaurant – North Greenwich

Heheh. Last night was a fun night! 😀 I haven’t had this much fun for a long time!

Yesterday evening we were celebrating 3 people’s birthdays (including mine, and it was also Mr Flirt’s birthday this month). It was all organised by my friend Miss Money who I met up with in December. This meant I had to miss out on the new episode of Dr Who (which I caught up with this afternoon :D).

So, why did I we go to this place? Well, they have some karaoke rooms we could hire. I had told a few of my friends we were going there, and they said this is so typical of Chinese people going out to sing in a karaoke place… Is it? ¬_¬” I don’t seem to go a lot, but my friends do, and it was my second time going to this restaurant Sichuan 川妹子 (Mando: chuan mei zi).
Outside the restaurant

I was the first one there! (I always seem to be the first one during these type of typical meet ups… Not complaining). The place wasn’t full, but there were some people there already dining…

The room we were in

Miss Money’s friends came next and they speak very fast Mandarin. I couldn’t catch up with them. XD Then we ended up with a room that was half filled with Chinese and the other half was European!! A definite mixed group…
We then ordered food next! I couldn’t take as many pictures as I would’ve liked as everyone just dug into the food. 😦

Pig’s intestines anyone? I liked it!

Some very spicy food… don’t even know what it was!!

The one on the silver tiny wok is Frog’s Legs… Someone finished it. But not many of us touched it… The Squid dish at the back was a bit salty for my liking

This was only some of the dishes! We had loads…

Majority of the food that was ordered (about 75%) was all spicy. Not spicy, spicy like it would burn my tongue but I think Sichuan food is supposed to be 4++ chillies. I didn’t chew on any chillies which would’ve made me cry. T_T

Can anyone guess which song this is?

How did we get onto singing Oppa Gangnham Style?

We moved onto the karaoke after eating. And majority of the songs we sang were in English. I got given the mike a few times (a lot of times actually) because I knew some of the songs… and the others didn’t. I had to sing N’Sync’s Bye Bye Bye by myself because Miss Money was out the room, and she chose that song to sing!!!!!! Where were you Miss Money…?

Yummy birthday cake!! ^_^ Thanks Miss Money!!!! 

She was getting the cake!! Hahahahah. There were 13 of us. So one of the guy’s (Miss Money’s friend of a friend… it was also his birthday) kindly cut up the cake into 16 pieces! 😀 … I got to eat the big strawberry by the way because Mr Flirt didn’t want it. 😀

We all sang Happy Birthday in Mandarin, Italian, Cantonese, French, Polish and English!! ^_^ Wow.

Then there was more singing in the end! I enjoyed my evening but it ended up with some damaged vocal cords ¬_¬”” which had to be soothed by a ginger tea this morning! Hah!
Any guesses at which song this is?

Moving onto the Chinese songs…

Ok, you must know this song!

Uh… Spanish song???

Total cost came to over £200 (Miss Money and friends were examining the receipt very closely) and in the end we paid £18 each as there’s a small discount if you pay in cash. The room itself costs £190 to hire! So the more  people there are the merrier. It was the second biggest room that they had by the way and apparently the bigger room is big!

The restaurant was closing…

My geeky rating: 5/5 (just because I got to sing a lot)

Good points:
– Spicy spicy food (spicy enough to handle!)
– An ok selection / mixture of songs available (come on, they even had Oppa Gangnham Style!) – pretty much up-to-date with the Korean songs!!
– Good price for the amount of people who were there last night
– Not far from North Greenwich Tube Station
– Good service (they speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English)

Bad points:
– Room was not completely sound proof as we could hear next door’s music ¬,¬”
– I can’t actually think of anything else!

Address: Millenium Leisure Park, Bugsby Way, Greenwich, London SE10 0QJ
If you are going there by bus from the station, the stop is Odeon Cinema.

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