Bear Scotch Pancakes

This is not an April Fool’s Day post and I know it’s not Pancake Day. But I got this very cute pan shaped into a bear for my birthday from Mr Bear my work colleague. He knows I’m into cute things (but I would’ve preferred a Hello Kitty one to be honest. Hopefully he doesn’t read this in the nearest future ¬_¬””). Though I must admit that it is VERY cute!

So during one evening I used it to make bear shaped omelettes, and then a friend suggested I make Scotch Pancakes using this pan. I asked him for the recipe, and he gave me the ingredients to use. No specific instructions. He knows I can cook, so he didn’t give me any instructions on purpose! He is a great baker himself. There’s always a cake in the oven! 😀

It’s pretty easy, and I’m stealing his ‘recipe’ (more like the ingredients he told me to use) and putting it on this blog. Hope he doesn’t mind! Heheh. 

The recipe is after these pictures!
My ingredients and the bear pan ^_^ (note: there’s no sugar in this picture)
My new bear pan!

I didn’t fill the entire cup with flour as this is a big cup!
Cup of milk
Add the mix together
Scotch Pancake is cooking away
My first bear scotch pancake!
Stack of bear pancakes!!
I burnt the last one 😦
Banana slices added
And the chocolate sauce! ^_^
– Cup of self-raising flour
– Cup of milk (I used skimmed milk)
– 1 egg
– Large knob of melted butter for the pan (he didn’t say it was for the pan – I had to Google about that!)
– 1 teaspoon of Sugar (optional)
– Grated apple / mashed banana / raisins – for taste (I just sliced up a banana)

How to make (I think it can make 8 – 10 pancakes, I forgot to count):

If you have a blender: mix the flour, milk and egg (and sugar) all together to make a runny batter… If you don’t then…

1. Add the self-raising flour into a bowl (and sugar)
2. Add half the milk
3. Add the egg
4. Whisk all the ingredients, and then gradually add in the milk bit by bit so that the mixture soaks it in (I used big cooking chopsticks… I seriously need to buy a whisk!)
5. After whisking the ingredients (it doesn’t matter if there are small lumps), heat the pan on a gas mark of 4 or 5.
6. Using some kitchen towel or a cooking brush, lightly spread some melted into the pan. Don’t forget the pan is HOT!
7. Add in two or three tablespoons of the mixture into the pan and swirl the mixture in the pan until it is entirely covered.
8. Leave for 1 minute. You will see bubbles popping its way through the pancake.
9. If you want the top side slightly cooked, flip the pan over, but make sure there’s no runny batter on the loose, and heat the other side and hold it for a few seconds. The pancake should stay in the pan when it is flipped over. But if you are using a normal pan, just flip the pancake over and not the pan!!
10. Remove the pancake once you are fully satisfied it’s cooked!
11. Repeat instructions 6 – 10 until the batter is finished!
12. Serve with the fruit of your choice and with some sweet sauce (chocolate sauce or syrup!)

Enjoy!! ^_^

2 thoughts on “Bear Scotch Pancakes

  1. Anonymous

    Hi! I just got this exact pan as a gift. But I have no idea how do you flip the pancakes over to cook the top side? Please advise! Does it stick to the pan?


  2. Hi back! You need to add a light coating of butter so that the pancake mix doesn't stick to the pan. There's no need to flip over as the pancake will cook through, you should see some bubbles forming. If there's too much pancake mix, remove the excess, and it should cook through.If you want to flip it over to cook thoroughly on the other side, use a knife to cut around the edges in the pan, and then use a spatula to flip it over… But if it cooks though, flip it onto a plate. ^_^


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