Geeky Bento Lunches Again…

Woah it’s been a long time since I’ve made some bento lunches. As I’ve said in previous posts I’ve just been either lazy or too busy.

So here’s some that I’ve made over the weeks and months…

These pics are all taken with my phone, so they are not the best of quality.

This first one is a healthy one of carrots, cucumber, and gherkins on top of a tuna pasta.
This is of some leftovers. Mushrooms, carrots and rice and I think there’s some celery in this one! Yuck! I hate celery!!!
Ah, unhealthy white bread and peanut butter… But at least I added some fruits to this lunch. ^_^
This bento box I bought from Longdan isn’t the greatest. The lid has loosened, so I had to use some ribbon to make sure it closed! ¬_¬
Here’s what was inside… Loads of cucumber, oranges and some tuna pasta again!!
Ok, I had to make a very geeky bento for this blogpost, so in the end I made some pasta, and then fried an egg. Fried eggs don’t usually go into a bento, but I wanted it for lunch. Plus there was nothing in the fridge… ¬_¬””
Last but not least is this bento with German salami with chilli cheese slices… and sliced apples doused with some lemon juice and a clementine! Nice for the Geek to eat!! ^_^ The chilli cheese was great too!!

Any suggestions on what I should make next for a geeky bento???!!!

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