Japanese Kit Kat Dark Chocolate and Taro Mix from Oyatsu Cafe

Yipee!! Thanks to @grocerygems for introducing this website!! Grocery Gems has a 15% discount code (“GROCERYGEMS“) you can use which is unlimited and can be used worldwide!! Wow! I’m amazed. Unfortunately I am a bit stupid and had entered the discount code into the wrong box. Instead of going onto the Shopping Cart page (which is where you are given the option to “use coupon code” or “calculate shipping”) I somehow got onto the Checkout page and had entered the discount code in the comments!! Dumb Geek!! I bow my head in shame… 😦 ごめんなさい!(gomen’nasai – I’m sorry). But I will show you where to go at the end of this post.

Anyway, back to the snacks. (^_^)v

Japan Centre sells their Kit Kat for a very expensive price. But after being introduced to this site they sell their Kit Kat (there’s only two flavours by the way – matcha green tea and dark chocolate) for a cheaper price at US$6.99. Postage and packaging is even cheap! Vastly cheap!!!!!

So as usual, here’s a packet of 13 mini dark chocolate Japanese Kit Kat. I also bought myself a UK version to compare.
Packet of 13 Japanese Dark Chocolate Kit Kat’s
On the back of the package
Definitely mini!
The Japanese version tastes so much better!! It has a real biscuity taste that makes you want more. The dark  chocolate itself is not as dark as the UK version. And both smell rather different. The Japanese version tastes more like milk chocolate than dark… The UK one tastes rather sweet and bitter, and it takes away the biscuit taste. They are both of the same width, but the Japanese one is smaller than the UK one. The UK one is heavily coated with dark chocolate.
So small XD
Comparing the UK and Japanese version
The Japanese one…
More dark chocolate in the UK version (right) than the Japanese one (left)
Verdict: I like the Japanese one more!

Now here’s something different. It came in a little nice bag. 
Cute paper bag!
I was intrigued by this Taro Mix. And yes you may have guessed why… It was the wasabi flavour that caught my attention! I love all wasabi snacks! These snacks are a bit different as they are made of cod paste and are coated in different flavours. These cost US$3.49 for the 5.
5 mixed Taro
Okonomiyaki-san Taro (お好み焼きさん Mr Japanese Pancake) – smells like worcester sauce or okonomiyaki sauce. Tastes a bit salty and fishy like dried cuttlefish that you can get in Asian stores. It’s a bit sticky to the teeth at first too.
A piece of dried cod paste
Yakiniku-san Taro (焼肉さん Mr Roast)- smells sweet, like candy floss. Spicy. Has a very kimchi like taste! ^_^. Lightly fishy and salty taste to this one. Reminds me of sweet dried pork slices that you can get in Hong Kong.
Sudako-san Taro (酢だこさん Mr Vinegar) – very wet to the touch. Vinegary wet surrounding. It tastes very vinegary. So if you like pickles you will definitely like this one! (By the way, wasn’t the girl in The Ring called Sudako?! O_o)
Wet vingery taro
Kabayaki-san Taro (蒲焼さん Mr Grilled) – wasn’t sure what flavour this next one was, but I started sucking on it. And it tasted like the roast meat one. Reminds me of Hong Kong snacks…!
Wasabi Nori Taro (わさびのり wasabi paste)!! – No strong wasabi smell. But there is a strong wasabi taste to it! Prepare to get some water.
Wasabi Nori ^_^
Finally to enter the discount code, click on “CART”, then you must go to “Calculate Shipping” as shown in the screenshot below.

Then select “Use Coupon Code”, and then enter “GROCERYGEMS”. Then finally go to CHECKOUT. It’s that simple, and I didn’t even notice!

Happy, happy shopping!! ^_^

Arigatou gosaimasu Katherine (thanks Katherine ^_^).