One Dollar Origami again o($_$)o

Just another geeky origami post which is LONG overdue. I’ve been meaning to do more one dollar origami, but I’ve either been too lazy or actually been doing other things, like watching videos and listening to music and working really, really hard… plus socialising with friends (any excuse really ¬_¬” – lazy Geek is back in the house!).
So I started off with this Simple $ Fish – created by Joshua Koppell… I thought it was going to be hard when I saw the folding for the tail bit, but no, it was very easy!

Next I made this $ Crane by following this video: Quite simple. But lots of folding!

This one is a bit too simple. The instructions on this one are not too great though. But because I used to make many of these (smaller versions) in the past (I have a Ferero Roche box full of them) I knew how to make it! $ Lucky Star

This is a very easy $ Duck. I made this after an attempt of trying to make a kayak (I tore the dollar a little bit so I converted it to this duck!)

Well, just making these for now. I will be back to do more! 😛 ….
And now I’m on holiday for TWO WEEKS… This post is actually a clue of where I’m going next! I will try and blog as I go along, but showing pictures on here might be a problem. So you peeps may have to wait until I get back!!
Adios amigos (and no, I’m not going to Mexico!). ^_^